Engineering Fluid Mechanics


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Author: Guo Chuwen
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787564609054
Published on: 2011-01
Soft Cover

This book could be used as textbook for bilingual course in power engineering, environmental engineering and related majors. Its main contents include fluids and their properties, fluid statics, fluid dynamics, similitude and dimensional analysis, viscous flow and hydraulic calculation, vortex flow, irrotational flow, introduction to theory of boundary layer, and introduction to aerodynamics. 

1 Fluids and Their Properties
1.1 Definition of Fluids
1.2 Fluid as a Continuum
1.3 Inertia of Fluids
1.4 Compressibility and Expansibility of Fluids
1.5 Viscosity of Fluids
1.6 Surface Tension
Problems for Chapter 1
2 Fluid Statics
2.1 Forces Exerted on Fluids
2.2 Static Pressure of Fluids and Its Properties
2.3 Basic Equation of Fluids Statics
2.4 Measurement of Pressure
2.5 Relative Equilibrium of Liquid
2.6 Forces Acting on a Plane Due to Hydrostatic Pressure
2.7 Forces Acting on a Curved Surface Due to Hydrostatic Pressure
2.8 Buoyancy and Stability of Floating Bodies
Problems for Chapter 2
3 Fluid Dynamics
3.1 Basic Concepts of Flow
3.2 Flow Descriptions
3.3 Reynolds" Transport Theorem
3.4 Equation of Continuity
3.5 Momentum Equation
3.6 Moment-of-momentum Equation
3.7 Energy Equation
3.8 Bernoulli's Equation Along a Streamline
3.9 Bernoulli's Equation for Total Flow
3.10 Other Applications of Basic Equations of Fluid Dynamics
Problems for Chapter 3
4 Similitude and Dimensional Analysis
4.1 Similitude and Model Tests
4.2 Dimensional Analysis and the Buckingham π Theorem
Problems for Chapter 4
5 Viscous Flow and Hydraulic Calculations
5.1 Fundamental Flow States of Viscous Fluids
5.2 Navier-Stokes Equations of a Real Fluid
5.3 Laminar Flow of Incompressible Viscous Fluid
5.4 Turbulent Flow of Viscous Fluids
5.5 Experimental Study on Head Loss
5.6 Minor Head Losses
5.7 Hydraulic Calculations for Pipe Systems
5.8 Orifice Flow
Problems for Chapter 5
6 Vortex Flow
6.1 Differential Form of the Equation of Continuity
6.2 Flow Analysis of Fluid Particles
6.3 Basic Concepts of Vortex Flow
6.4 Karman Vortex Street
Problems for Chapter 6
7 Irrotational Flow
7.1 Differential Equations of Motion
7.2 Euler's and Bernoulli's Integral
7.3 Initial and Boundary Conditions of Ideal Flow
7.4 Velocity Potential and Stream Function
7.5 Basic Two-dimensional Potential Flows
7.6 Combination of Potential Flows
7.7 Flow Around a Cylinder
7.8 Cylindrical Probe
Problems for Chapter 7
8 Introduction to Boundary Layer Theory
8.1 Concept of Boundary Layer
8.2 Differential Equations of the Boundary Layer
8.3 Integral Momentum Equation
8.4 Definitions of Boundary Layer Thickness
8.5 Boundary Layer Parameter Approximations
8.6 Boundary Layer Separation
Problems for Chapter 8
9 Introduction to Aerodynamics
9.1 Basic Equations of Isentropic Flow
9.2 Wave Propagation in Compressible Fluids
9.3 Speed of Sound and the Mach Number
9.4 Special States of Gas Flow
9.5 Shock Wave
9.6 Flow Through a Duct with Varying Area
9.7 Compressible Flow Within a Circular Conduit with Friction
Problems for Chapter 9

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