Environmental Assessment

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An Assessment of The Toxicity and Hazards of Pollutants In China (out of print)

Author : H.E.Xu Language : Chinese and English bilingual Published on: 1994-01 Hardcover ContentsPart A. Hazards of Chemical Pollutants 1. Coal smoke...

Atlas of Ecological Environment in the Beijing-Tianjin Area

Author : Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences Language : Chinese Published on: 1990-01 Hardcover 1. Beijing-Taijin Region and the...

Atlas Of Ecology and Environment In The Three Gorges Area Of The Changjiang River

Author : Research Group on Impacts of the Three Gorges Project on Ecology Language : English Published on: 1990-01 Hardcover The ecology and...

Atlas of the Ecological Environmental Geochemistry of China

Author : Li Jiaxi, Wu Gongjian Language : Chinese and English bilingual ISBN/ISSN : 7116027343 Published on: 1999-01 Hardcover Based on new...

Built Environment and Public Health-Proceeding of BEPH's 2004

Author : By Guoqiang Zhang Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 7801639995 Published on: 2004-01 Paperback 1 IAQ & Indoor pollutants managing ildoor air...

Emerging Technologies for Environment Protection-Preparing for the 21stCentury--Proceedings of world congress III on Engineering and Environment(2 Volume set)

Author : Qianyi, Hao Jimin, Long Jun Language : English Published on: 1993-01 Hardcover Contains:Part 1 Cleaner Production (14 papers) Part 2 Ozone...

Energy & Environment China 2020

Author : Pan Yue, Li Deshui Language : Chinese ISBN/ISSN : 7801639901 Published on: 2004-01 Paperback

Environment and Biometeorology-Proceedings of International Symposium on Environment and Biometeorology

Author : Qian Ping Language : English Published on: 1995-01 Hardcover The meeting was sponsored by International Society of Biometeology . More than...

Environmental Impact assessment –Practice and Participation

Author : Kevin S.Hanna Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 9780195419283 Published on: 2005-01 Paperback Environmental impact assessment is among the most...

Environmental Vibration: Prediction, Monitoring and Evaluation

Author : Chen Yunmin Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 9787114048203 Published on: 2003-01 Hardcover Environmental Vibration: Prediction, Monitoring and...

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