Famous Springs in China


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Author: Hu Sumin
Language: Chinese
Published on: 1992-01

Famous Springs in China briefly introduces the geological and hydrochemical characteristics and the historical records about the famous springs through pictures and literal explanations. It is the first attempt to classify the famous springs in accordance with geological and hydrogeological characteristics, cause of reputation and social benefit . The album is also the first collection of famous springs as well as the precious file full of rich content and exquisite pictures. It will have an active effect on the understanding of the various springs, popularization of geoscientific knowledge, so as to improve recognition of environment protection, to propagate the history of national civilization and the knowledge of our territory of enchanting beauty, to stimulate the emotion to our beloved motherland, to fortify a sense of national pride and to educate the public on patriotism. In addition, it is of great importance and practical value to accelerate the international exchanges of geosciences and development of the tourist industry.

Distribution, Types and Features of the Famous Springs in ChinaThe Famous Springs in China
Schematic Map Showing the Distribution of the Famous Springs in China
1. Xiaotangshan Thermal Spring; 2. Rehe Spting; 3. Tangquan Spring; 4. Chicheng Thermal Springs; 5. Jinci Springs; 6. Niangziguan Springs; 7. Guangshengsi Spring; 8. Arxan Mineral Springs; 9. Hexigten Thermal Springs; 10. Wudalianchi Mineral Springs; 11. Changbai Thermal Springs; 12. Xingcheng Thermal Springs; 13. Tanggangzi Thermal Spring; 14. Longyan Spring; 15. Baotu Spring; 16. Heihu Spring; 17. Wulongtan Spring; 18. Zhenzhu Spring ( in Jinan); 19. Laoshan Mineral Springs;20. Zhongling Spring; 21. Huishan Spring; 22. Huangshan Thermal Spring; 23. Hupao Spring; 24. Longjing Spring; 25. Yuquan Spring; 26. Zhaoyin Spring; 27. Beitou Thermal Springs; 28. Guanziling Thermal Springs; 29. Baiquan Springs; 30. Zhenzhu Spring ( in Anyang); 31. Zhuodao Spring; 32. Xianning Thermal Springs; 33. Basha Spring; 34. Dalongdong Spring; 35. Conghua Thermal Springs; 36. Zhongshan Thermal Spring; 37. Sanyuanli Mineral Spring; 38. Ruquan Spring; 39. Equan Spring; 40. Huaqing Spring; 41. Yueya Spring; 42. Jiuquan Spring; 43. Wuquan Springs; 44. Guide Mineral Spring;45. Shuimogou Thermal Spring; 46. North Thermal Spring; 47. Yufei Spring;48. Feicui Spring; 49. Yaowang Spring; 50. Sanchao Spring; 51. Anning Thermal; Springs; 52. Tengchong Thermal Springs; 53. Hudie Spring; 54. Dagejia Geysers
Basic Conditions of the Famous Springs in China

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