Farmers in Tibet: Investigation Report on Bangjor Lhunbo Village in Tsang


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Author: Puncog Zhamdu
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7801134591
Published on: 1998-01

Despite living at a high altitude averaging 4, 000 meters and amid an extremely harsh environment of bitter cold and extreme dryness, Tibetans have managed to survive for centuries on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, known as the “Roof of the World”. More than that, they have created a brilliant culture to the world’s amazement.

How could the Tibetans have achieved so much? In particular, how could Tibetan farmers, who make up an overwhelming majority of the population, multiply in areas which are not friendly to human beings? And, in fact, how could they lead a comfortable life today? To find answers to these questions, the investigation group conducted an on-the-spot survey in Bangjor Lhunbo Village in Tsang from June to October 1995.


Part 1: Parlha Clan and Its Manor
Part 2: Composition of Serfs and Slaves and Exploitation They Suffered
Part 3: Lives of Nangzen
Part 4: The Fall of Parlha Manor
Part 5: Our Sun Rises
Part 6: Tortuous Road
Part 7: Progress of Productive Forces
Part 8: Economic Life in Bangjor Lhunbo Village
Part 9: Marriage, Family and Society
Part 10: Changes in Family and Religious Lives
Part 11: Rituals and Customs and Habits
Part 12: Traditional Festivals and Recreational Activities
Part 13: More Beautiful Tomorrow

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