Fauna Sinica Arthropoda Crustacea Malacostraca Order Mysidacea


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Author: Liu Ruiyu & Wang Shaowu
Language: Chinese with English summary
2000; Hardcover; 326

The present volume is a part of the 'Fauna Sinica' dealing with mysidacean Crustacea of the China Seas consisting of two main parts. The first part is a generalto the group, including the history of mysidacean research, the systematic position, the taxonomic system of Mysidacea, the morphology, the biology and ecology, the geographical distribution and the economical importance of Mysidacea. The second part is a systematic account of the Chinese mysidacean fauna with keys to all taxa from suborder through species, and systematic descriptions of morphological characteristics, geographical distribution andecology of every species.

The mysidacean fauna of the China seas is of high diversity, with a total of 112 species belonging to 43 genera in 2 suborders and 4 families. The species of the Sub-order Lophogastrida are mostly oceanic, epi-or meso-pelagic, with wide geographical distribution in the Indopacific and Atlantic Oceans. While most species of the Mysidae are shallow water ones, epibenthic or pelagic, with comparatively narrow distribution range and rich of endemic elements. The geographical distribution of the 112 species is shown inTalble 4 of the Chinese text.


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