Fauna Sinica Insecta Vol.63 Coleoptera Tenebrionidae (I)

中国动物志 昆虫纲 鞘翅目 拟步甲科(一)

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Author: Ren Guodong
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030488718
Published on: 2016-06

Fauna Sinica Insecta Vol.63 Coleoptera Tenebrionidae (I),Blaptini Leach, 1815 belongs to Tenebrionidae, Polyphaga, Coleoptera, and it is an important kind of ornamental and pharmaceutical insects.
In this volume of Fauna Sinica, Chinese Blaptini was ffairly completely classified, and 20 genera 266 species and subspecies were described, among which including 1 new subtribe, 9 new species, 1 new female and 6 new combinations.
The content was consisted of two sections, introduction and speciefication. In the introduction, the taxonomic status, classification system and phylogenetic relationship, brief research history, morphological features and taxonomic significance, economic value, biological characteristics, geological distribution features of Blaptini were carried out. In the specification, the keys to genera and species, the main characters of each subtribe and genera, the information of each species such as detailed references cited, description, specimens examined, distribution etc. were presented. And the taxonomic status of some species and subspecies based on examining type specimens and referring to original documents were also revised. 248 figures of morphological characters, 21 plates of genitalia, SEM and defensive glands figures, 19 plates of habitus, and 8 plates of ecological photos were accompanied in present volume.

Blaptini Leach, 1815
1. Blaptina Latreille, 1817
(1) Ablapsis Reitter, 1887
(2) Blaps Fabricius, 1775
(3) Nalepa Reitter, 1887
(4) Protoblaps Medvedev, 1998
(5) Thaumatoblaps Kaszab et Medvedev, 1984
2. Gnaptorinina Medvedev, 2001
(6) Agnaptoria Reitter, 1887
(7) Asidoblaps Fairmaire, 1886
(8) Belousovia Medvedev, 2007
(9) Blaptogonia Medvedev, 1998
(10) Colasia C. Koch, 1965
(11) Gnaptorina Reitter, 1887
(12) Itagonia Reitter, 1887
(13) Montagona Medvedev, 1998
(14) Pseudognaptorina Kaszab, 1977
(15) Sintagona Medvedev, 1998
(16) Tagonoides Fairmaire, 1886
3. Prosodina Skopin, 1960
(17) Prosodes Eschscholtz, 1829
4. Dilina Ren subtr.nov.
(18) Coelocnemodes Bates, 1879
(19) Dila Fischer von Waldheim, 1844
(20) Hoplitoblaps Fairmaire, 1888

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