Fauna Sinica Insecta Vol.69 Lepidoptera Geometridae Geometrinae

中国动物志 昆虫纲 第六十九卷 鳞翅目 尺蛾科 尺蛾亚科

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Author: Wang Dali et al.
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030296338
Published on: 2019-08

The present work deals with the Nemouroidea fauna of China.It consists of two sections,general section and taxonomic section.In the general section,the hstoric review of the classification,taxonomi systems,morphology,phylogeny,biogeography and biology of Nemourodea are introduced.In the taxonomic section,14 genera and 206 species of  Nemouroidea from China are described or redescribed .Among them,2 species are newly recorded from China;5 new synonymies and 3 new combinations are proposed as follows:Amphinemura curvispina;Indonemoura trichotoma Li et Yang,2008;Indonemoura scalprata,comb.nov.;Sphaeronemoura grandicauda,comb.nov.;Nemouroidea masuensis comb.nov.;Nemoura wangi Li et Yang008;Nemoura atristrigata Li et Yang,2007.Some species by Wu (1926-1973) are reillustrated and redescribed based on their type material wherever recognizable ,and several neotypes assigned by Wu but never published previously are also presented herein.The keys to the families ,subfamilies ,and the Chinese genera and species and species of Nemouroidea are presented.  

1.蝙蛾属Phassus Walker,1856
(1)点蝙蛾Phassus sinensis Moore,1877
(2)湖南点蝙蛾Phassus hunanensis Chu et Wang,1985 stat.nov
(3)柳蝙蛾Phassus excrescens(Butler,1877)
 (4)云南蝙蛾Phassus yunnanensis Chu et Wang,1985
(5)杉蝙蛾Phassus anhuiensis Chu et Wang,1985
(6)西藏蝙蛾Phassus xizangensis Chu et Wang,1985
(7)景东蝙蛾Phassus jingdongensis Chu et Wang,1985
(8)红蝙蛾Phassus miniatus Chu et Wang,1985
(9)斑蝙蛾Phassus herzi Fixsen,1887
(10)星蝙蛾Phassus camphorae Sasaki,1908
(11)巨疖蝙蛾Phassus giganodus Chu et Wang,1985
(12)疖蝙蛾Phassus nodus Chu et Wang,1985
(13)福建疖蝙蛾Phassus fujianodus Chu et Wang,1985
 2.长须蝙蛾属Palpifer Hampson,1893
(14)六点长须蝙蛾Palpifer sexnotatus(Moore,1879)
3.蝠蛾属Hepialus Fabricius,1775
(15)虫草蝠蛾Hepialus armoricanus Oberthür,1909
(16)德钦蝠蛾Hepialus deqinensis Liang,1988
(17)日喀则蝠蛾,新种Hepialus xigazeensis Chu et Wang sp.nov
(18)白马蝠蛾Hepialus baimaensis Liang,1988
(19)梅里蝠蛾Hepialus meiliensis Liang,1988
(20)美丽蝠蛾Hepialus callinivalis Liang,1995
(21)甲郎蝠蛾Hepialus jialangensis Yang,1994
(22)理塘蝠蛾Hepialus litangensis Liang,1995
(23)康定蝠蛾Hepialus kangdingensis Chu et Wang,1985
(24)玉树蝠蛾Hepialus yushuensis Chu et Wang 1985
(25)杂多蝠蛾,新种Hepialus zadoiensis Chu et Wang sp.nov
(26)斜脉蝠蛾Hepialus oblifurcus Chu et Wang,1985
(27)锈色蝠蛾Hepialus ferrugineus Li,Yang et Shen,1993
(28)刚察蝠蛾,新种Hepialus gangcaensis Chu et Wang sp.nov
(29)门源蝠蛾Hepialus menyuanicus Chu et Wang,1985
(30)玛曲蝠蛾,新种Hepialus maquensis Chu et Wang sp.nov
(31)四川蝠蛾Hepialus sichuanus Chu et Wang,1985
(32)康姬蝠蛾Hepialus kangdingroides Chu et Wang,1985
(33)芒康蝠蛾Hepialus markamensis Yang,Li et Shen,1992
(34)察里蝠蛾Hepialus zaliensis Yang,1994
(35)三角纹蝠蛾Hepialus macilentus Eversmann,1851
(36)云龙蝠蛾Hepialus yunlongensis Chu et Wang,1985
(37)玉龙蝠蛾Hepialus yulongensis Liang,1988
(38)丽江蝠蛾Hepialus lijiangensis Chu et Wang,1985
(39)永胜蝠蛾,新种Hepialus yongshengensis Chu et Wang sp.nov
(40)剑川蝠蛾Hepialus jianchuanensis Yang,1994
(41)异翅蝠蛾Hepialus anomopterus Yang,1994
(42)云南蝠蛾Hepialus yunnanensis Yang,Li et Shen.,1992
(43)樟木蝠蛾Hepialus zhangmoensis Chu et Wang,1985
(44)南木林蝠蛾,新种Hepialus namlinensis Chu et Wang sp.nov
(45)察隅蝠蛾Hepialus zhayuensis Chu et Wang,1985
(46)亚东蝠蛾,新种Hepialus yadongensis Chu et Wang sp.nov
(47)条纹蝠蛾Hepialus ganna(Hübner,[1808])
 (48)阿尔泰蝠蛾Hepialus altaicola Wang,1990
(49)贡嘎蝠蛾Hepialus gonggaensis Fu et Huang,1991
(50)比如蝠蛾Hepialus biruensis Fu,2002
(51)曲线蝠蛾Hepialus fusconebulosa(De Geer,1778)
 (52)宽兜蝠蛾Hepialus latitegumenus Shen et Zhou,1997
(53)赭褐蝠蛾Hepialus gallicus Lederer,1852
(54)人支蝠蛾Hepialus renzhiensis Yang,1991
(55)叶日蝠蛾Hepialus yeriensis Liang,1995
(56)中支蝠蛾Hepialus zhongzhiensis Liang,1995
(57)草地蝠蛾Hepialus pratensis Yang,Li et Shen,1992
(58)定结蝠蛾,新种Hepialus dinggyeensis Chu et Wang sp.nov
(59)德格蝠蛾Hepialus alticola Oberthür,1881
(60)双带蝠蛾Hepialus bibelteus Shen et Zhou,1997
(61)黑龙江蝠蛾Hepialus humuli(Linnaeus,1758)
 (62)石纹蝠蛾Hepialus carna([Denis Schiffermüller],1775)
 (63)白纹蝠蛾Hepialus albipictus Yang,1993
(64)金沙蝠蛾Hepialus jinshaensis Yang,1993
(65)白线蝠蛾Hepialus nubifer Lederer,1853
(66)海南蝠蛾,新种Hepialus hainanensis Chu et Wang sp.nov
(67)德氏蝠蛾Hepialus davidi Poujade,1886
(68)暗色蝠蛾Hepialus nebulosus Alphéraky,1889
(69)纳木蝠蛾,新种Hepialus namensis Chu et Wang sp.nov
 4.类蝠蛾属Hepialiscus Hampson,1893
(70)丫纹类蝠蛾Hepialiscus sylvinus(Linnaeus,1761)
 (71)尼泊尔类蝠蛾Hepialiscus nepalensis(Walker,1856)
 (72)黄类蝠蛾Hepialiscus flavus Chu et Wang,1985
(73)江北类蝠蛾,新种Hepialiscus jiangbeiensis Chu et Wang sp.nov
(74)褶纹类蝠蛾Hepialiscus borneensis Pfitzner,1933
(75)乐东类蝠蛾,新种Hepialiscus ledongensis Chu et Wang sp.nov
 5.棒蝠蛾属Napialus Chu et Wang,1985
(76)湖南棒蝠蛾Napialus hunanensis Chu et Wang,1985
(77)重庆棒蝠蛾Napialus chongqingensis Wu,1992
(78)郴州棒蝠蛾,新种Napialus chenzhouensis Chu et 

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