Fauna Sinica Insecta(Vol.35)Dermaptera

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Author: Chen Yixin
Language: Chinese with English summary
2004; Hardcover;195x265mm;420 pages+8 plates

The present work deals with the Dermaptera Fauan of China. It comprises 2 parts. Part one is a general account of Dermaptera with particular reference to China. It consists of the following subjects: History of researches; Phylogeny; Morphology; Biology; Geographical distribution; Economic importance; Control methods. In the part two, 229 species and 2 subspecies of Dermaptera of China are descried. They belong to 58 genera which are grouped into 19 subfamilies 8 families 4 superfamilies.

Table of Contents

1.Pygidicranoidea Popham, 1965
(1)Pygidicranidae Verhoeff, 1902
(2)Diplatyidae Verhoeff, 1902
2.Anisolabidoidea Sakai, 1982
(1)Anisolabididae Verhoeff, 1902
(2)Labiduridae Verhoeff, 1902
3.Apachyiodea Steinmann, 1975
(1)Apachyidae Verhoeff, 1902
4.Forficuloidea Tillyard, 1926
(1)Spongiphoridae Verhoeff, 1902
(2)Chelisochidae Burr, 1907
(3)Forficulidae Stephens, 1829


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