Fauna Sinica Invertebrata (Vol.36) Crustace Decapoda Atyidae

中国动物志 无脊椎动物 第三十六卷 甲壳动物亚门 十足目 匙指虾科

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Author: Liang Xiangqiu
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 7030114248
Published on: 2004-01

The volume is composed of two main parts. The First part is a general introduction to the group, including brief history of research, morphological characters, taxonomic system, biology, geographical distribution and resource of survey. The second part is a systematic account of the Chinese Atyid shrimps, in turn of family, genus and species, and systematic descriptions of morphological characteristics, geographical distribution, ecology and economic significance of every species.
The volume involves a family, two subfamilies, seven genera and 130 species and subspecies (including 10 new species and subspecies) of the superfamily Atyoidea. The type specimens of the new species and subspecies are kept in Shanghai Fisheries university.

1. Atyinae De Haan, 1849
(1) Atyopsis Chace, 1983
(2) Sinodina Liang et Cai, 1999
(3) Neocaridina Kubo, 1938
(4) Caridina Milne-Edwards, 1837
(5) Typhlocaridina Liang et Yan, 1981
2. Caridellinae Holthuis, 1986
(6)Paracaridina Liang et Guo, 1999
(7) Mancicaris Liang et Guo, 1999

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