Fauna Sinica Invertebrata Vol.59 Arachnida Araneae Agelenidae and Amaurobiidae

中国动物志 无脊椎动物志 第五十九卷 蛛形纲蜘蛛目 漏斗蛛科暗蛛科

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Author: Zhu Mingsheng
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030547477
Published on: 2017-11

Totally 358 species of Agelenidae (including 44 new species), belonging to four subfamilies (two of them are new), 29 genera and 10 species of a single genus of Amaurobiidae are recorded.

This book consists of two parts: the general account and the systematic accout. The former part comprises brief historical review of these two families, morphological characteristics, taxonomic classification, geographical distribution, biology and economic significance. A cladistics analysis of 31 genera of these two familes (ingroups) and 7 other genera of 6 families (outgroups) is performed using the Hennig 86 program. In the latter part, the diagnosis, description, distribution of all related taxa (families, subfamilies, genera and species), keys to Chinese subfamilies, genera and species, characteristic illustrations of each species are given. Additionaly, the indexes to all scientific names and Chinese names of the species are attached in the end of this book.

There are 384 illustrations and five plates provided in this volumes.

1. Agelenidae C. L. Koch,, 1837

(1) Ageleninae Simon, 1897

(2) Coelotinae F.O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1893

(3) Tegenariinae Zhang, Zhu & Wang, subfam.nov.

(4) Tamgriniinae Zhang, Zhu & Wang subfam. Nov.

2. Amaurobiidae Thorell, 1870

(5) Amaurobiinae Thorell, 1870

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