Fauna Sinica Invertebrate (Vol.26) Phylum Granuloreticulosa Class Foraminiferea Agglutinated Foraminifera

粒网虫门, 有孔虫纲, 胶结有孔虫

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Author: Zheng Shouyi and Fu Zhaoxian
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 7030083040
Published on: 2001-05

Agglutinated foraminifera, in the loose sense here inclusive of the allogromid,astrorhizid,and textularid foraminifera, are geographically the most widespread group of benthic foraminifera. Their occurrence in almost all kinds of marine environment environment,ranging frommarginal marine,hyposaline,hypersaline,to shelf and bathyal regions where they sometimes make up a large proportion of the benthonic foraminiferal fauna is attributed to their possession of a dissolution-resistant organic membrane or organic cement used in binding exogenous test-building material.Their specific and non-specific faunal trends are useful in ecological and paleoecological interpretations.
Study material consisting of some 700 surface sediment samples were collected from the Bohai Sea ,the Huanghai Sea,the East China Sea to depths of over 2000 m in the Okinawa Trough,the northern South China Sea to a depth of 1010m (one station),as well as from the southern islands of Guangdong Province---the Zhongsha Islands,the Xisha Islands, and the Nansha Islands .These seas cover temperate,subtropical and tropical regions,and range from shallow marginal,semi-enclosed to deep sea.Five hundred and thirty-nine species described and fully illustrated belong to 38 families and 140 genera,inclusive of the allogromiid genera Argillotuba and Nodellum and the genus Carterina which was separated from the agglutinated foraminifera on account of its peculiar wall structure on which basis it was at first transferred to the suborder Carterinina and later to the order Carterinida(Loeblich and Tappan,1987,1992).

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