Fauna Sinica Osteichthyes: Cypriniformes(II)(out of print)

中国动物志 硬骨鱼纲 鲤形目(中)

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Author: Chen Yiyu et al
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 7030058240
Published on: 1998-01

Being volume 2 of the series "Fauna Sinica, Pisces: Cypriniformes", the present monograph deals with the Chinese genera and species of 8 subfamilies in Cyprinidae, i.e. Danioninae, Leuciscinae, Culterinae, Xenocyprinae, Hypophtahalmichthyinae, Gobioninae, Gobiobotinae, Acheilognathinae. First, the history of taxonomic study on Chinese Cyprinid fishers is reviewed. Then descro[topms pf 260 species belonging to these 8 subfamilies are given. To each family, its definition character, study history, new advances in systematic and phylogenetic studies are given. To each species, morphological characters, geographical distribution are described in detail, taxonomic problem to some species are also briefly reviewed and discussed. In the 8 subfamilies, Danioninae comprise 14 genera, 28 species; Leuciscinae 15 genera, 32 species; Culterinae 17 genera, 63 species; Xenocyprinae 4 genera, 10 species; Hypophthalmichthyinae 2 genera, 3 species; Gobioninae 22 genera, 90 species; Gobiobotinae 2 genera, 14 species; Acheilognathinae 3 genera, 20 species. Keys to genera (subgenera) and species (subspecies) of 12 subfamilies of the whole family Cyprinidae are given and have been translated in to Enlgish in this book.

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