Fifty years after the Neutrino esperimental discovery- Third NO-VE International Workshop on: Neutrino Oscillations in Venice (Venezia, February, 2006)

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Author: Milla Baldo Ceolin
Language: English
Published on: 2006-01

The International Workshop on NO-VE, Neutrino Oscillations in Venice of the series “Un altro modo di guardare il cielo” was held in Venice from February 7 to February 10, 2006 at the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. Following the tradition of the meeting, the physics programme included various topics related to neutrino physics, also in connection with present and future experimental facilities. New results were presented and new experiments were discussed. Particularly interesting was the discussion on the implications of future precision measurements at the accelerators and the reactors as well as in the Universe neutrino laboratory. Both a theoretical and an experimental point of view were considered.

The Neutrino’s 50th Birthday
The Majorana Neutrino and Double Bela Decay at NO-VE, 2006
Neutrino Masses and Mixing: Leptons versus Quarks
Do Neutrinos violate CP?
Implications of Future Precision Experiments
Tribute to the Late John Babcall
Solar Neutrinos
High Energy Cosmic-Rays and High Energy Neutrino Astronomy
Status of MINOS after One Year of Running
MinibooNE Neutrino and Antineutrino Cross Sections
Determining Neutrino Mass Hierarchy
The NOVA Experiment
INFN Perspectives in Neutrino Physics-The Gran Sasso Facility; Around Gran Sasso
KEK Program
Physics at a New FERMILAB Proton Driver
Neutrino Factory and Beta Beam Experiment
Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment in Japan
Determining CP Violation Phase and Mass Hierarchy an J-Park with Two Identical Water Cherenkov Detectors
… …
Neutrino’s Telescopes
The Pierre Auger Observatory and Ultra High Energy Neutrinos
From AMANDA to Ice Cube
The ANTARES Cosmic-Neutrino Detector in the Mediterranean: A Status Report
Status of the NEMO Project
Neutrino Astronomy and Cosmic Rays Spectroscopy at Horizons
What is the Role of Neutrinos in shaping the Universe?
Light Right-Handed Neutrinos: Why Not?
Cosmic Acceleration: Back- Reaction vs. Dark Energy
Neutrino: Dirac or Majorana
Bruno Pontecorvo: Mister Neutrino
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