First Proceedings of URP-Related Research at ICB


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Author: Meng Fanxi , Xu Tingwu , Feng Weizhe
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787811175011
2008; Soft Cover;16; 173

For the purpose of nurturing practical application ability and innovative spirit of students of Interna-tional College at Beijing, China Agricultural University, ICB authority made the decision to initiate URP(Undergraduate Research Program) in September, 2006 based on the successful experience of URP prac-tice by "Honorary Biology Class" of CAU and the motivation policy by CAU Division of Teaching andLearning Affairs.
When the first round of URP at ICB was rolling out, the response from the students was much active.The number of ICB students submitting the application forms for joining URP was significantly larger thanthe maximum number of URP students that the supervisors could handle. Then the standards for screeningqualified URP students were rather competitive. Only the students with excellent GPA and English levelwere finally admitted into the program. The competition for the second round of URP at ICB was more in-tense,
In order to widen the knowledge horizon of students, the URP management team invited many famousdomestic and foreign instructors to deliver relevant lectures on advertising, human esource management,marketing, financing, accounting and influential cases analyses. The five supervisors took the responsibili-ty for discussing URP-related issues with the corresponding students regularly and shared their researchexperience with URP students.
To guarantee the smooth progress of each round of URP, the students were required to deliver themid-term presentation and final presentation about their specific research projects. Foreign guest lecturerswere invited to join the presentations and proposed challenging questions for students to answer. Eachgroup was required to submit a final research report.
Two rounds of URP at ICB have been successfully completed. As Dean of ICB and one of the supervi-sors, I have a deep impression about the creative input and fruitful achievements by URP students in thepast two years.
A research paper is not required for URP students. However, many students tried to submit qualifiedpapers. The papers included in the proceedings were finally selected from many candidate papers by theEditorial Committee of ICB. Even though some of the papers are not adequate, the most important thing isthat many URP students have moved the first Step towards the academic research path.
I am taking the opportunity just before the formal publication of the proceedings to thank everyonecontributing to the two rounds of URP at ICB. I also hope the authors, our students, to have a bright fu-ture during the overseas study.

Table of Contents

Interpretation of the Demand and Supply Factor Influences on Beijing Real Estate Market
How to Display Shelves in Book Selling Areas in Supermarkets to Enhance Consumer Satisfaction
and Book Sales
Problems Encountered in the CAU Residential Houses
Studies on Some Characteristics of Health Food Market in Beijing
A Study on the Profiting Pattern for KFC Franchisees via Specific Segmentation
The Investigation of Food Wastage in Chinese Universities
Exploring the Business Ideas of Food Branding in Carrefour:A Health Food Store
A Creative Product Portfolio and Shelf Arrangement of Cokes
How to Find Optimal Shopping Guide in Chfna for Foreign Retailer
Application of Franchising Strategy in Enriching the Efficiency of McDonald's Diversification Strategy
A Rational Tactical Mix on the Operation of Franchising in Beijing
Improving Supermarket Performance via a Newly-designed Payment System
A Creative Visualized Shelf and Tray Arrangement of Pastry
Reinforcing HRM To Attain the Unified Development of Manpower and Automobile Industry
Current Status of Organic Products in Beijing

Promoting the Rural Reconstruction with the University Students' Knowledge Service
The Promotion of the Development of Rural Education Systems with University's Knowledge Service
The Investigation of Social Education of Cooperation Education in Beijing
The Main Problems of Undergraduate International Cooperation Education

Olympics Related
Preliminary Analysis of the Impact of the 2008 Olympic Games on Investment of Beijing Real Estate
Research Orbital Transportation Layout of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Need for Improvement in Beijing Bus during Olympic Games
Recommendation for Taxi Arrangement for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Requirements and Regulation of Parking Spaces Beside National Stadium
The Effectiveness of Information Brokers in Utilizing E-Service to Improve Economic Development in Chinese Rural Areas

ICT Application
The Adoption of E-Agriculture in China
The Adoption of E-Pharmacy in China
Case Study of E-Agribusiness in Qinhuangdao City

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