Flora Fungorum Sinicorum Vol.43 Paecilomyces, Isaria and Taifangflania

中国真菌志 第四十三卷

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Author: Liang Zongqi
Language: Chinese, Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030357359
Published on: 2012-01

This volume deals with 49 species belonging to Paecilomyces, Isaria and Taifangflania. It provides detailed morphology descriptions and figures as well as foster characteristics.

Section 1
1. Paecilomyces atrovirens Z.Q.Liang&A.Y.Liu
2. Paecilomyces carneus A.H.S.Br. & G.Sm
3. Paecilomyces clavisporus Hammill
4. Paecilomyces cylindricosporus Z.Q.Liang&Y.F.Han
5. Paecilomyces griseoviridis M.X.Dai
6. Paecilomyces gunnii Z.Q.Liang
7. Cordyceps gunnii (Berk.)Berk
8. Paecilomyces huaxiensis Z.Q.Liang& Y.F.Han
9. Paecilomyces lilacinus(Thom)Samson
10. Paecilomyces loushanensis Z.Q.Liang& A.Y.Liu
11. Cordyceps loushanensis Z.Q.Liang& A.Y.Liu
12. Paecilomyces marquandii (Massee)S.Hughes
13. Paecilomyces militaris Z.Q.Liang
14. Cordyceps militaris (L.)Link
15. Paecilomyces niveus Stolk& Samson
Section 2
1.Isaria amoene-rosea Henn
2.Isaria careniannulata(Z.Q.Liang) Samson&Hywel-Jones
3.Isaria careniobliqua (Z.Q.Liang) Samson&Hywel-Jones
4.Isaria cicadae Miq.
5.Cordyceps cicadae Shing
6.Isaria farinosa (Holmsk.)Fr
7.Isaria fumosorosea Wize
Section 3
1.Taifanglania berberis Y.F.Han&Z.Q.Liang
2.Taifanglania biformis(Z.Q.Liang, H.L.Chu& Y.F.Han) Z.Q.Liang, Y.F.Han& H.L.Chu
3.Taifanglania cinerea (Z.Q.Liang, H.L.Chu& Y.F.Han) Z.Q.Liang, Y.F.Han& H.L.Chu
4.Taifanglania curticatenata (Z.Q.Liang & Y.F.Han) Z.Q.Liang, Y.F.Han& H.L.Chu
5.Taifanglania furcata (Z.Q.Liang, H.L.Chu& Y.F.Han) Z.Q.Liang, Y.F.Han& H.L.Chu
6.Taifanglania hechuanensis Z.Q.Liang, Y.F.Han, H.L.Chu &R.T.V.Fox
7.Taifanglania jiangsuensis Y.F.Han& Z.Q.Liang
8. Taifanglania major (Z.Q.Liang, H.L.Chu& Y.F.Han) Z.Q.Liang, Y.F.Han& H.L.Chu

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