Flora of Henan (Suplement and Resision)


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Author: 河南植物志
Language: Chinese,Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 9787524997807
Published on: 2019-07
Soft Cover


 This book is a combination of long-term research of Chinese and international colleagues, through zoological record and TITAN database and related scientific literatures. We use the international entomological catalogue to record all longicorn species distributing in China. All literatures before 2019 are included. Three families, 10 subfamilies, 8 tribes, 641 genera and 3, 68I species/subspecies are included in this book. The tribes under subfamilies, the genera under tribes and the species/subspecies under genera are presented alphabetically. The whole volume shares a combination of literatures, instead of separated ones for each family or subfamily.

Family Vesperidae Mulsant, 1839
   Subfamily Philinae Thomson, 1861
        Tribe Philini Thomson, 1861
              Genus Heterophilus Pu, 1988
              Genus Mantitheus Fairmaire, 1889
              Genus Philus Saunders, 1853
              Genus Spiniphilus Lin et Bi, 2011
Family Disteniidae Thomson, 1861
       Tribe Cyrtonopini Gressitt, 1940
           Genus Cyrtonops White, 1853
       Tribe Disteniini Thomson, 1861
           Genus Clytomelegena Pic, 1928
           Genus Distenia Lepeletier et Audinet-Serville, 1828
                Subgenus Distenia Lepeletier et Audinet-Serville, 1828
           Genus Melegena Pascoe, 1869
           Genus Nericonia Pascoe, 1869
           Genus Noemia Pascoe, 1857

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