Flora of Taiwan, Second Edition - Supplement

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Author: Wang Zhenzhe & Lv Changze
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9789577526564
Published on: 2012-01

During 1975-2003, two editions of Flora of Taiwan have been published, which set significant milestones for the plant taxonomy in Taiwan. However, some previously documented taxa were left out by the Flora of Taiwan, 2nd edition. Moreover, quite a few new taxa, new record, and newly naturalized plants have been successively reported in separate academic periodicals. Considering the inconvenience that the omission of such information may cause for the amateur users, it is imperative to compile and include the new knowledge into the Flora of Taiwan. This volume provides a supplement to the second edition of Flora of Taiwan, which covers neglected species, new taxa, new record, and newly naturalized plants up to 2009.
In order to fit the publishing format of the second edition of Flora of Taiwan, the arrangement of the families in this supplement follows that of Engler and Diel’s Syllabus der Pflanzenfamilien ed.11 (1936) with some modification. The numbering of families in the supplement corresponds to the family numbers in the first two editions of Flora of Taiwan, except that several families have already been added to the Flora of Taiwan since that time, or have been segregated out from more inclusive larger family. To retain the same numbering sequence, these new families have been inserted in their appropriate Englerian sequence, given the number of the family they follow, and suffixed with the letter A. Families in this category are: 120A, Menyanthaceae;129A, Phrymaceae; and 28A,Taccaceae.

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