Fluidization'91 Science and Technology-Conference Papers Fourth China-Japan Symposium CJF-4

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Author: Edited by Mooson Kwauk & Masanobu Hasatani
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7030026705
Published on: 1991-01

The China-Japan Symposium on Fluidization was institutionalized at the second conference in Kunming in 1985 into a serial event CJF-n for continued exchange on a three-year period on the most recent research results and thinking in the science and technology of fluidization between the two countries. The third conference CJF-2 was held in September 1988, and so is CJF-4 in 1991.

This volume collects the 45 papers presented at CJF-4, including those from the invited participants, two from each side and mostly expatriates working in other countries, who have played significant role in linking to the west. To meet greater enthusiasm for participation in this serial colloquium and yet to uphold the principle of a one-session symposium for intensified interaction, poster presentation was introduced at CJF-4, and 10 poster abstracts are included.

The present symposium is characterized by a significant increase in contributions dealing with the circulating fluidized bed (CFB), which account for close to half of all the papers presented at this symposium, leaving only a little over a quarter to bubbling and other dense-phase systems, while L/S and G/L/S papers account for a little less than one eighth. Icontinued from front flap)

The preponderance of papers on CFB testifies to the current recognition of the significance of bubbleless fluidization. Of the papers on CFB, nearly half is devoted to flow characteristics, and the major application still resides in combustion, al-though there is a growing interest in improving the operation of CFB through the use of nozzles, solids valves and internals. Worthy of note is that in the field of bubbling and other dense-phase G/S systems, there is a declining interest in bubble dynamics, with a shift of emphasis toward exploring jetting and spouting. Biotechnology continues to be the major application for L/S and G/L/S systems, while hydrodynamics still remains to be a topic of major basic thrust. A few papers are devoted to heat transfer and measurement.

The contents of this volume range from hardware to soft science, covering both the theory and practice of fluidization, and would therefore well serve the broad spectrum of readers engaged in design, research and engineering education related to chemicals production, petroleum refining, metals ex-traction, coal utilization, electric power generation, food processing, upgrading of agricultural products and the manufacturing aspects of biotechnology

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