Fossil Birds of China


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Author: Hou Lianhai
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
2003; Paperback;280x210mm;234 pages

The content of this book includes not only the 16 reconstructions in the first picture book, but also adds 30 kinds of Miocene bird fossil reconstructions, which have been published and studied in China. Roughly includes birds' fossils found in China in all geological periods. To allow readers to have a more systematic understanding of Chinese bird fossils, this bood is classified according to bird systems, from old to new period: Archaeornithes, Enantiornithas, Ornithurae. I need to explain that the Miocene bird fossils found mostly are only partial, incomplete skeletons. They are the early representatives of present birds, excluding some exceptions. Although the skeleton is incomplete, we can reconstruct its skeleton according to similar present species because Cenozoic bird's skeleton fossil is especially closer to present-day birds than those of late period birds.

Table of Contents

1. Preface 1
2. Preface 2
4. Intyoduction 2
5. A soul Passage Through the Jurassic
6. I'M Happy to Bring Mesozoic Birds to Life in My Paintings
7. A Poem
8. Aves Linnaeus
(I) Archaeopterygiformes
1. Archaeopteryx lithographica
(II) Confuciusornithiformes
2. Confuciusornis sanctus
3. Confuciusornis chuonzhous
4. Confuciusornis suniae
5. Confuciusornis dui
6. Jinzhousornis yixianensis
7. Jinzhousornis zhangjiyingia
(III) Yandangornithiformes
8. Yandangornis longicaudus
9. Liaoxiornis delicates
10. Eoenantiornis buhleri
11. Jibeinia luanhera
(I) Sinornithiformes
12. Sinornis santensis
13. Boluochia Zhengi
(II) Cathayornithiformes
14. Cathayornis yandica
15. Cathayornis caudatus
16. Cathayornis aberransis
17. Largirostrornis sexdentornis
18. Cuspirostrisornis houi
19. Longchengornis sanyanensis
20. Otogornis genghisi
(III) Longipterygiformes
21. Longipteryx chaoyangensis
22. Longirostriornis hani
III. Ornithurae
(I) Liaoningornithiformes
23. Liaoningornis longidigitus
(II) Chaoyangiformes
24. Chaoyangia beishanensis
25. Songlingornis linghensis
(III) Gansuiformes
26. Gansus yumenensis
(IV) Diatrymiformes
27. Zhongyuanus xichuanensis
(V) Struthioniformes
28. Struthio anderssoni
(VI) Ciconiiformes
29. Eociconia sangequanensis
30. Minggangia changgouensis
31. Platalea tiangangensis
(VII) Anseriformes
32. Anas sp.
33. Aythya shihuibas
(VIII) Falconiformes
34. Falco chowi
35. Buteo sanya
36. Mioaegypius gui
37. Qiluornis taishanensis
(IX) Galliformes
38. Tetrastes dalianensis
39. Palaeoalectoris songlinensis
40. Shandongornis yinansis
41. Phasinaus lufengia
42. Alectoris peii
43. Bambusicola sp.
44. Diangallus mious
45. Crossoptilon jiai
(X) Gruiformes
46. Wanshuina lii
47. Songzia heidangkouensis
48. Pleotis lius
(XI) Columbiformes
49. Columba congi
(XII) Strigiformes
50. Tyto jinniushanensis
(XIII) Passeriformer
51. Yunnanus gaoyuansis
52. Corvas fangshannus
(XV) Sphenisciformes
53. Pygoscelis antarctica
9. Invited Treatise: Evolution and Development of Feathers
(1) The Architecture of a Feather and How Nature Builds It
(2) Developmental Perspectives of Feather Evolution


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