Fracture at High Temperatures

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Author: Hermann Riedel
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7506203081
Published on: 1986-01


Part I Introductory Chapters on Deformation and Failure under Creep Conditions
1. Summary of the deformation behavior under creep conditions
2. Introduction to creep fracture and other fracture modes
3. The continuum-mechanical equations
4. Stress-directed diffusion and surface diffusion
Part II Creep Cavities
5. Introduction to part II
6. Nucleation of creep cavities / basic theories
7. Cavity Nucleation by stress concentrations during creep
8. The role of impurity segregation in cavity nucleation
9. Cavity nucleation assisted by internal gas pressure
10. Internal stresses due to the precipitation of solid phases and thermal expansion
11. Diffusive cavity growth
12. Constrained diffusive cavitation of grain boundaries
13. Inhibited cavity growth
14. Cavity growth by creep flow of the grains or by grain boundary sliding
15. Creep-enhanced diffusive cavity growth and elastic accommodation
16. The cavity size distribution function for continuous cavity nucleation. Rupture lifetimes and density changes
17. Summary of results on cavity nucleation and growth
18. Grain Boundary Cavitation under Creep-fatigue Conditions
Part III Creep Crack Growth and Creep-fatigue Crack Growth
19. Introduction to part III
20. Nonlinear Viscous Materials and the use of C*
21. C*-Controlled creep crack growth by grain-boundary cavitation
22. Specimen size requirement for C*-testing caused by crack-tip blunting and by 3-D effects
23. Elastic/nonlinear viscous materials. Applicability of KI and of C*
24. Instantaneous plasticity
25. Primary-creep effects
26. Diffusion creep
27. A damage mechanics approach to creep crack growth
28. Creep-fatigue crack growth

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