Geological Tripping Guidebook to the Geologic Landscape of Luojishan Fossil Glacier


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Author: Chen Maoxun
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 7561623208
Published on: 1993-01


This Chinese-English bilingual guidebook has presented in detail the history and present condition of the research on Luojishan fossil glacier, discussed the paleoglaciology and divided the glacial stage sequence in detail in this region.

【Main Contents】

I.A General Situation
II.The History and Present Condition of Research on Luojishan Fossil Glacier
III.Glaciation and Glacial Stages of Luojishan Fossil Glacier
IV.The Remnants of Glaciation of Luojishan Fossil Glacier
1.Horn and knife-edge crest
2.Zirkustal (firn basin)
4.Glaciated depression
5.Ice-scour and moraine lakes
6.Glacial trough (U-shaped valley), glacial chute and spill-way
7.Cross-wall and glacial staircase
8.Glacial pavement
9.Glacial groove
10.Roche moutonnee (whaleback)
13.Lateral moraine bar
14.End moraine bar
15.Ground moraine
16.Kettle hole
17.Glacial drift boulder
18.Petriglacial pillar
19.Rock block field and rock block slope
20.Outwash fan
21.Frazil crystal and stone ring
V.A General Situation of Comprehensive Geologic Investigation and Tourism Scenic Spots
VI.Investigative Schedule and Contents

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