Geology of Bohai Sea (Out of print)

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Author: Qin Yunshan
Language: English
Published on: 1990-01

(1)Physiographic Features of Bohai Sea
(2)Historical Study of Bohai Sea
2.Basic Characteristics of Current and Hydrologic Elements
(1)Tides and Tidal Currents
(3)Variation of the Hydrologic Elements
3.Bohai Coast and Its Submarine Geomorphology
(1)Coast Geomorphology of Bohai Sea
(2)Submarine Geomorphology of Bohai Sea
4.Submarine Sediments and Sedimentation
(1)Suspended Matter in Sea Water
(2)Submarine Sedimentation
(3)Detrital Minerals in Sediments
(4)Clay Minerals in Sediments
(5)The Geomechamical Nature of Submarine Sediments
5.Geochemistry of Sediments
(1)Chemical Composition in Sediments
(2)Distribution of Chemical Composition in Sediments
(3)Existence-state and Relationship of Chemical Compositions in Sediments
(4)Fe3+/Fe2+Ratio and Oxidation-Reduction Characteristics of Sediments
(5)Some Problems on Geochemical Process of Sediments
6.Tectonics and Crustal Studcture
(1)The Basement, the Sedimentary Cover and the Structural Movement
(2)The Division of Regional Tectonic Units
(3)Basic Features and Evolution of the Rigional Tectonics
(4)Crustal Structure and Earthquake Activities
(5)Terrestrial Heat and Magmatic Activity
(6)Deep Rift and the Formation of Bohai Basin
7.Volcanic Activity and Element Geochemistry in the Palaeo-Bohai Sea
(1)Volcanic Activity
(2)Vertical Distribution Zone of the Element Geochemistry in Palaeo-Bohai Sea
8.Stratigraphical Division in Core Bc-1 in the Middle Part of Bohai Sea
(1)General Introduction
(2)Analysis of Grain Size
(3)Analysis of Heavy Minerals
(4)Analysis of Faunas
(5)Sporo-Pollen Assemblages and Palaeo-Climate
(6)The Measurement of Natural Thermoluminescene and Radiocarbon Dating
(7)The Measurement of Palaeomagnetism
(8)Marine and Contiental Stratigraphical Divisions of Bohai Core Bc-1
9.Startigraphic Classification for Quaternary System in Bohai Sea
(1)The Fauna in Palaeo-Bohai Sea
(2)Palaco-Boahi Sea Transgressions and Its Marine Strata
(3)Stratigraphic Classification in Palaco-Bohai Sea since the Late Pleistocene
(4)Quaternary Stratigraphic Division of Palaeo-Bohai Sea
10.History of the Formation of Palaeo-Bohai Sea
(1)Formation of Paleo-Bohai Sea
(2)The Evolution of Bohai Sea since Late Pleistocene
(3)Sea Level Change and Coastline Movement of Palaeo-Bohai Sea

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