Geology of Granites and Their Metallogenetic Relations–Proceedings of the International Symposium Held at Nanjing University, Nanjing, China October 26-30, 1982


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Author: Xu Keqin, Tu Guangzhi
Language: English
Published on: 1984-01

The Nanjing Symposium on Geology of Granites and their Metallogenetic relations was held in Nanjing University in October of 1982. Participating in the symposium were scientists from China, Australia, Britain, France, Greece, Japan and USA. Many wellknown geologists of China and other countries present their papers covering the latest of granite research. Fifty-six papers were included in this book, which is divided into three parts. Part one discusses the genetic series of granitoids and theirs geological problems; part two deals with mineralizations and relationships between granitoids and W,Sn,Nb,Ta REE, U, Th, Cu, Mo, Fe, Pb, Zn, etc. and part three consists of papers on trace element and isotope geochemistry. Abundant and diverse data, worldwide geographic coverage and breath of topics make this volume a comprehensive overview of the current granite investigations.

1.Petrogenesis of the granitoids and their metallogenetic relations in South China
2.Preliminary Studies on two alkali-rich intrusive belts in South China
3.On the time and space distribution of the granitic rocks and their relations to the tectonic configuration and crustal evolution in the southeastern China
4.A discussion on the classification of genetic types of granites
5.I- and S-type granites in the Lachlan fold belt, southeastern Australia
6.The granitoids and their evolution in Fujian Province
7.Characteristics of the Precambrian mantle-derived granitoids in SE China
8.The problem of enclaves in granitic rocks, a review of recent ideas on their origin
9.Textural and mineralogical studies of the apogranites of Abu Dabbab, Eastern Desert Egypt
10.A preliminary study of the Hercynian granites of South China
11.On the generation, evolution and metamorphism of the Archean granitoids in the northern part of Liaoning Province
12.On the regularity of the tempo-spatial distribution of the granitic rocks in the northern part of Northeast China
13.Granitic rocks in South Korea
14.The combination of two genetic series of granitoids in the Taiping-Huangshan composite batholith
15.The granitic terms of converging plutonic type series and associated mineralizations
16.The genetic types of the granitoids in South China
17.The genesis of granitic rocks in Altai region of Xinjiang, Northwest China
18.Chemical-mineralogical classification of plutonic rocks and associations-exampl from Southern Asia belts
19.A study on the migmatization and granitization of the Mesozoic volcanic rocks in the coast area of Southeast China
20.The metallogenetic complex of Yangchuling porphyry tungsten (molybdenum) deposit- genetic and evolutionary model of transitional type granitoids
21.The characteristics and origins of granitic rocks of two genetic series in Dexing, Jiangxi
22.The petrogenetic types and metallogenetic series of granitic rocks in Nanjing Hills
23.The subdivision of lithium micas and their significance in the study of granitoids
24.A preliminary study on the micas and feldspars of the REE-bearing granites in Jiangxi Province
25.A comparison between two granitoid types in Yangchun Basin, Guangdong Province, and discussion on their origin
26.A discussion on the characteristics and condition of formation of the S-type granite in Darongshan, Guangxi
27.Metamorphism, granitization and their relation to tectonics in Luoding area, Guangdong province, southern China
28.A Preliminary study on physicochemical conditions and geological background in formation of Darongshan granite
29.On the Precambrian granitization in North China
30.Two petrogenetic types of granites in South China and their relationship with uranium deposits
31.An important metallogenetic model for W, Sn and rare granitophile element ore deposits related to metasomatically altered granites
32.Recent advances in porphyry base metal deposit research
33.Petrochemical characteristics and metallogenetic specialities of intermediateacidic magmatic rocks in southeast Hubei
34.The Variscan (Hercynian) granites of South-West England and spatially associated mineralization
35.The Geologic features of the porphyry association and its relationship with mineralization in eastern Qinling Mountains
36.Interpretation of satellite and airborne thermal measurements gathered over Hercynian granites (France) in relation with uranium diposits
37.Forms of uranium occurrence and its distribution in uraniferous granites
38.Uranium geochemistry of the granites in eastern Guangdong Province
39.The evolutionary peculiarity of the W-bearing and Nb, Tabearing granites in South China
40.The genetic series, time and space distributions, and related mineralizations of the granites in Hunan Province
41.Evolution and mineralization of the Mesozoic granltoids in South China
42.The evolution and metallogenetic relation of the Gejiu tin-bearing granites, Yunnan Provice
43.Chilu granite and characteristics of its molybdenum mineralization, Fujian Province
45.Influence of melt structure on the trace element composition of granites
46.The geochemical characteristics of trace elements in granitic rocks of South China.
47.Classification of the granitic rock masses of the Ryoke belt in central Japan in view of hydrogen isotope study
48.The REE distribution patterns of granitoids
49.On the origin of granite and its relation to tungsten mineralization in Lianhuashan mining area
50.The mechanism of petrogenesis and geochemistry of mineralization of Dengbuxian granites
51.The distribution patteans of rare and rare-earth elements in the Baerzhe alkaline granite, Jilin province
52.Uranium and thorium geochemistry and mineralogy in the Manaslu leucogranite (Nepal, Himalaya)
53.The oxygen, hydrogen and carbon isotope genesis in the Isle of skye, N.W, Britain
54.A study on the oxyen isotopes of some Mesozoic granitoids in southeastern China
55.The assemblages an trace element contents of accessory minerals of two petrogeno
56.The evolution of magma and REE in a region withini the Nanling REE granite belt

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