Geotectonic Evolution of China

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Author: Ren Jishun
Language: English
Published on: 1987-01

On the basis of accumulated data, the authors have described systematically the geotectonic structure and evolution of China after the theory of polycyclic foldbelts. By the introduction of some important results of plat structur, th mobile belts, stable regions, and their transformations are discussed and proved from the view point of deep-seated structure, and on this basis, a concept of epicontinental mobile belts in advanced. The tectonic cycles and main tectonic units in China are systematically defined and the geosynclines and deep fracture are discussed at full length. A model of geotectonic evolution in China is thus established as a result.

1. On the Problem of Methods and Theories
2. Subdivision of the Tectonic Cycles of China
3. Brief Description of the Main Tectonic Units of China
4. The Geosynclines of China and their Main Characteristics
5. Deep Fractures and Deep-Seated Structures in China
6. The Geotectonic Evolution of China
7. References
8. Explanations of Plates

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