Geothermal Training in Iceland 2007 (Reports of the United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme, 2007)

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Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9789979682363
Published on: 2007-01

【Main Contents】

3. Abdelghafoor, M.: Geological and geothermal mapping in Sveifluhals area, SW-Iceland
4. Abrego Castillo, J.C.: Cost estimation of using an absorption refrigeration system with geothermal energy for industrial applications in El Salvador
5. Chow Pineda, I.G.: Gaussian modeling of the dispersion of hydrogen sulphide from Hellisheidi power plant, Iceland
6. Gebregiorgis, S.: Energy analysis and plant operation optimization of the Aluto Langano plant, Ethiopia, related to plant problems
7. Ghaderi, I.: Route selection and pipeline design for a 50 MWe power plant in Sabalan, Iran
8. Khubaeva, O.R.: Geothermal mapping in the Krysuvik geothermal field, SW-Iceland
9. Kodhelaj, N.: The Llixha Elbasan hiot springs in Albania, study of temperature conditions and utilization calculations
10. Koestono, H.: Borehole geology and hydrothermal alteration of well HE-24, Hellisheidi geothermal field, SW-Iceland
11. Lemma, Y.: Magnetotelluric and transient electromagnetic method in geothermal exploration, with an example form Tendaho geothermal field, Ethiopia
12. Mawejje, P.: Geothermal exploration and geological mapping at Seltun in Krysuvik geothermal field, Reykjanes Peninsula, SW-Iceland
13. Mirzaei Zarandi, S.S.M.: Waste water disposal at the Nesjavellir geothermal power plant, apparent problems and possible solutions
14. Mnjokava. T.T.: Interpretation of exploration geochemical data for geothermal fluids from the geothermal field of Rungwe volcanic area, SW-Iceland
15. Mutonga, M.W: The isotopic and chemical characteristics of geothermal fluids in the hellisheidi, Hveragerdi and Nesjavellir fields, SW-Iceland

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