Glaciers and Related Environments in China

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Author: Editor-in-Chief: Shi Yafeng
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030175809
Published on: 2008-01

This book represents the culmination of a half century of Chinese research into the cryospheric sciences that was initiated and led by its Editor-in-Chief Professor Shi Yafeng, the father of glaciology in China. The book contains 11 chapters reporting the findings of more than 20 authors.
The scope of the book is broad, spanning glacier classification and distribution, their physical characteristics and motion, and their mass and energy balances. Snow and ice chemistry including organic matter and micro-organisms, and studies of ice cores, receive extensive attention. There are also chapters on snow cover and its links to climate change, glacier runoff and modeling, and snow and ice hazards following discussion of ice core records of environmental change, there is a detailed review of the Quaternary glaciations in China. The final chapter examines future scenarios of the state of glaciers and water resources in China, a topic of key importance for the country.
The text is complemented with numerous maps, tables and illustrations and it provides western scientists with an up-to-date and comprehensive view of glaciology in China.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Glaciers and Their Distribution in China
Chapter 3 Physics Glaciers
Chapter 4 Mass and Energy Balance of Glaciers
Chapter 5 Snow and Ice Chemistry and its Environmental Significance
Chapter 6 Snow Cover Distribution, Variability, and Response to Climate Chance in China
Chapter 7 Glacial Runoff and Its Modelling
Chapter 8 Snow and Ice Hazards and Their Control Measures
Chapter 9 Climate and Environment Chances Derived from Ice Core Records
Chapter 10 Quaternary Glaciations, Glacial and Interglacial Cycles and Environmental Chances
Chapter 11 Impact of Global Warming on Glaciers and Related Water Resources in China

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