Global Karst Correlation

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Author: Yuan Daoxian,Liu Zaihua
Language: English
Published on: 1998-01

This is the final report of the UNESCO/IUGS supported International
Geological Correlation Program (IGCP) Project 299 “Geology, Climate,
Hydrology and Karst Formation”(1990-1994). The project is the first
kind in IGCP that dedicated to karst problems since it started in
1972. This book contains following chapters :
Chapter 1 Basic Ideas, methodologies and Major Results of IGCP 299;
Chapter 2 Principles of Karst Evolution from initiation to maturity and their relation to physics and chemistry;
Chapter 3 Karst morphogenesis in the Artic : Examples from spitsbergen;
Chapter 4 Karst of Urals;
Chapter 5 Karst in the Baltic republic;
Chapter 6 The karst geomophology and hydrology of Great Britain;
Chapter 7 Karst regions of the eastern United States with special emphasis on the friarshole cave; system , west virginia;
Chapter 8 Karst of Japan;
Chapter 9 Karst of China;
Chapter 10 Overview on Karst of vietnam;
Chapter 11 Karst of romania;
Chapter 12 Typical Karst area-skocjanske jame, slovenia ;
Chapter 13 Karst and caves in Australia and new Guinea ;
Chapter 14 The subtropical karst of bonito, western brazil ;
Chapter 15 High resolution records of climatic variations and solar forcing from the luminescence of speleothem in duhlata cave. Bosnek, Bulgaria, cold water cave, Iowa, USA and rats nest cave , Calgary Canada
Chapter 16 Perspectives of karst sciences.
Appendix 1 Karst feature complex developed under different climatic environment.
Appendix 2 IGCP 299 “Geology, climate, hydrology and karst formation” registration form for a typical karst area.
Appendix 3 Rbbstaler alfen, eastern alps, an IGCP 299 correlation site of Austria;
Appendix 4 Major publication of IGCP 299(1990-1994)

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