Halophyte Utilization and Regional Sustainable Development of Agriculture


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Author: Liu Xiaojing and Liu Mengyu
Language: Most of papers in English
ISBN/ISSN: 7502934227
Published on: 2002-01

Papers in English are as follows:

● Next Main Tasks for Halophyte Utilisation Research-Development-Education
● Agriculture in the Last 50 Years and Its Sustainable Development in China—a Case Study from North China
● Utilization of Halophytes in Egypt: an Overview
● Some Ecophysiological Aspects of Seed Germination in Halophytes
● Seed Germination of Halophytes Exposed to High Salinity and Temperature in the seed Bank
● Evaluation of Relations between Osmoprotectants and Inorganic Solute Conditions and Application of Glycine Betaine to Leguminous Plants
● Osmo-Regulatory Effect of Glycine Bectaine on Plant Growth under Salt Stress
● Strategies of the Halophyte Spartina Townsendii to Avoid Salt Injury
● Physiology of Salinity Tolerance of Beta Vulgaris ssp. Maritima and Beta Vulgaris ssp. Vulgaris
● Growth Stimulation of a Halophyte Species, Salicornia Europaea L.,by High Concentration of NaCl and Comparison of the Growth Response to Various Salts
● Different Features between Saltwort in Japan
● Growing Vegetables in Seawater
● Experiments with Phragmitis Australis for Treatment of waste Water from Oil Industry in Oman
● The Importance of Halophytes in Carbon Cycling in Salt Marshes
● Prospects of Halophytic Plants Utilization under Saline Irrigation in Morocco
● The Selection of Salt and Drought Tolerance of Winter Wheat in Semi-arid and Salt Affected Region of North China Plain
● Pakistan Community Development Project for the Rehabilitation of Saline and Waterlogged Lands: UNDP/AusAID Project
● The Hebei 2001 Recommendations by the international Society of Halophyte Utilisation

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