High Temperature Deformation and Fracture of Materials


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Author: Jun-Shan Zhang
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030275400
Published on: 2010-01

The energy, petrochemical, aerospace and other industries all require materials able to withstand high temperatures. High temperature strength is defined as the resistance of a material to high temperature deformation and fracture. This important book provides a valuable reference to the main theories of high temperature deformation and fracture and the ways they can be used to predict failure and service life. Part I reviews the mechanisms of high temperature deformation in metals, alloys, metal matrix composites and intermetallic compounds. It discusses creep behaviour such as dislocation and recovery as well as superplastic deformation, diffusional and multiaxial creep. Part II discusses high temperature fracture, starting with the nucleation and growth of creep cavities before analysing creep crack growth and damage. Later chapters review ways of predicting creep rupture, creep-fatigue interactions and modelling service life.

Part I High Temperature Deformation
1 Creep Behavior of Materials
2 Evolution of Dislocation Substructures During Creep
3 Dislocation Motion at Elevated Temperatures
4 Recovery-Creep Theories of Pure Metals
5 Creep of Solid Solution Alloys
6 Creep of Second Phase Particles Strengthened Materials
7 Creep of Particulates Reinforced Composite Material
8 High Temperature Deformation of Intermetallic Compounds
9 Diffusional Creep
10 Superplasticity
11 Mechanisms of Grain Boundary Sliding
12 Multiaxial Creep Models
Part II
13 Nucleation of Creep Cavity
14 Creep Embrittlement by Segregation of Impurities
15 Diffusional Growth of Creep Cavities
16 Cavity Growth by Coupled Diffusion and Creep
17 Constrained Growth of Creep Cavities
18 Nucleation and Growth of Wedge-Type Microcracks
19 Creep Crack Growth
20 Creep Damage Mechanics
21 Creep Damage Physics
22 Prediction of Creep Rupture Life
23 Creep-Fatigue Interaction
24 Prediction of Creep-Fatigue Life
25 Environmental Damage at High Temperature
Appendix A
Appendix B

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