Huizhou Dragonflies


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Author: Wu Hongdao
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787503866135
Published on: 2012-01
Soft Cover

Situated in the Southeast of Guangdong Province, South of China, Huizhou belongs to the southern subtropics monsoon climate zone,covering an area of 11,370 square kilometers. There are a lot of habitats appropriate for dragonflies to breed in Huizhou. After 12 years of field surveys, the author has recorded 174 species(including subspecies) in 97 genus, 17 families and 2 suborders in Huizhou, all their beatiful pictures can be found in this book.

The present book by Wu Hongdao is among the first of its kind from the mainland of China. The bilingual text is limited, but the superb colour photos provide an excellent introduction to the diverse and colourful world of south Chinese dragonflies. Although, the area of Huizhou City covers only 6%of the land area of Guangdong province and a tiny 0.11%of the whole of China, this area is home to at least 174 species of dragonflies-about 70%of species known from Guangdong and one quarter of the total Chinese dragonfly fauna. This is mainly because the area of Huizhou City includes several well preserved protected areas. The most famous is Nankunshan provincial reserve, which is especially rich in dragonfly species and has been particularly well studied. Within Huizhou City there are also suitable wetland habitats outside protected areas, in both lowlands and mountains.

Part I. Zygoptera
1. Philogangidae
2. Calopterygidae
3. Cblorocyphidae
4. Euphaeidae
5. Synlestidae
6. Lestidae
8. Coenagrionidae
9. Platycnemididae
10. Platystictidae

Part II Anisoptera
1. Aeshnidae
2. Cordulegastridae
3. Chlorogomphidae
4. Gomphidae

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