Hybrid Rice and World Food Security

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Author: Yuan longping Peng jiming
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7504640182
Published on: 2005-01


Author carefully selected 15 presentations from the forum and other 11 papers written by the outstanding scientists and hybrid rice experts ,editing this book. The contributors of the papers are mainly from china , Vietnam ,the Philippines and India where hybrid rice has been commercialized. This book shows the developmental history ,current status and prospects in various countries . Especially, many successful achievements experiences ,advanced technology and the newest developing strategies on hybrid rice are introduced in the papers by the Chinese writers

【Main Contents】
  1. Hybrid rice technology for food security in the world

  2. Global rice production and world's food security :current situation and perspectives

  3. IRRI's role and achievements in development and dissemination of hybrid rice technology in the world

  4. Forty-year history and the future of hybrid rice in china

  5. Hybrid rice adoption in Vietnam

  6. Success on development hybrid rice in Vietnam

  7. Progress on hybrid rice technology commercialization in the philippines

  8. S scientist's overview of India 's hybrid rice development

  9. Development of hybrid rice in Guinea and Africa

  10. Hybrid rice seed project: Experience of Aftab Bahumukhi farms Ltd. bangladesh

  11. Progress in breeding of super hybrid rice

  12. Hybrid Rice breeding research in china

  13. Hybrid rice seed industry of Longping High-tech

  14. Review and outlook of cultivation researches on hybrid rice in china

  15. The development of hybrid rice seed production in china

  16. Development and achievements of hybrid rice in Huaihua ,china

  17. Researches on the Honglian Indica Gametophytic CMS and its application in rice

  18. Development of Japonica hybrid rice based on CMS of Dian type I

  19. Review and strategies on studies of Japonica hybrid rice in Anhui province

  20. Progress and prospect for the Genetic and breeding of early hybrid rice in china

  21. Progress in hybrid rice breeding through Genomic DNA transformation

  22. Increasing yield potential of hybrid rice through molecular breeding

  23. A new pathway of super-rice breeding by wide cross and polyploidization

  24. Strategy and practice on utilizing herbicide resistance gene two-line hybrid rice

  25. Molecular strategies to utilize genic male sterility in rice hybrid breeding

  26. Sustainable development of hybrid rice in china

  27. Appendix :Huaihua declaration

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