Hydroelasticity’2006 Hydroelasticity in Marine Technology

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Author: You-Sheng Wu, Wei-Cheng Cui
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7118047287
Published on: 2006-01

The papers included in the proceedings cover wide and important areas of marine technology , including hydroelasticity – based load and respinse predictions, unsteady state and transicent state + problems(whipping, springing, slamming, sloshing, impact,shock etc.), flow induced vibrations, full scale measurements of ships , very large floating structures, risers, cable and pipelines, fishing nets and cages, and devices for energy extraction etc.
Following the previous HYDROELAS Conferences, the papers included in these proceedings and presented at the conference cover many important areas of marine technology , such as hydroelasticity-based load and response predictions, hydroelastic unsteady state and transient state problems(whipping, springing, slamming, sloshing, impact, shock etc.), flow induced vibrations, and full scale measurements of ships, very large floating structures, risers, cable and pipelines, fishing nets and cages, and devices for energy extraction etc. This evidently indicates a strong international interest in the research and applications of the relevant subjects of hydroelasticity.

Wave Loads and Responses
Use of Hydroelasticity Analysis in Design
The Non-Linear Hydroelastic Respinses of a Ship Traveling in Waves
The Influence of Structural Modeling on the Dynamic Behaviour of a Bulker in waves
The Effects of Water Depth on Wave – induced Loads of a Very Large FPSO By 3D Hydroelastic Theory
Numerical and Experimental Study of the Dynamic Characteristics of a Simplified Compliant Buoyant Tower
The Behaviour of Different Types of Aircushion Supported Structures

Full Scale Measurements
Full Scale Wave and Whipping Induced Hull Girder Loads
Whipping, Springing and Slamming
Experimental Investigation of the Ship Response to Bow and Stern Slamming Loads

Hydroelastic Impacts in the Tanks of LNG Carriers
SPH Analysis of Hydrodynamic Impact, Including Hydrodynam Fluid – Structure Coupling
Breaking Wave Impact onto Elastic Wall
The Fluid – structure Interaction during the Water Impact of a Cylindrical Shell
Compressible Jet Impact onto Elastic Panels

Sloshing and Fluid Tank
Hydroelastic Sloshing Induced Impact with Entrapped Air
A Numerical Investigation of Natural Characteristics of a Partially Filled Tank Using a Substructure Method

Transient Hydroelastic Respinses of Acoustic Structure to Underwater Explosion Loads

Very Large Floating Structures
Hydroelastic Response of the ISSC VLFS Benchmark
Hydroelastic Behavior and Drift Force of a Very Large Mobile Offshore Structure in Waves
Local and Global Hydroelastic Analysis of a VLFS

Flow Induced Vibration Vortex Induced Vibrations of Deepwater Rises and Pipelines – Review of Model Test Results
Issus Important to VIV Suppression Design for Marine Applications

Devices for Energy Extraction
Risers, Cables and Pipelines
Fishing Nets and Cages
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