Hydrogeological Map of Asia(1: 8 000 000)

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Author: Compiled by the Institute Engineering Geology Chinese Academy of
Language: English
Published on: 1997-01

Its contents covers groundwater types, water abundance degree, main characteristics of regional hrdrogeology. The data of compilation are primarily derived from the home libraries and the international exchanges of geological information, as well as from the mutual visits and presentations of domestic and international geoscientists.

The map is compiled by referring different scales of maps that cover 94.3% of area of Asian continent, among them, comprehensive hydrogeological maps accounting for 49.3%, while specific hydrogeological maps for 45%.
The references of data and information totality are about 600, of which the latest data being at the end of 1994. The principles and methods of compilation are based on the “International Legend for Hydrogeological Maps” made by IAH, IAHS and UNESCO, and adjusted according to the practical conditions of Asian countries.
The final map is accomplished by geomap CAD and consists of 6 folio map sheets. The map is published in Chinese and English version. The authors are gratefully acknowledged to the colleagues at home and abroad who have extended their assistance during the compilation.

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