Idealized and Bubbleless Fluidization


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Author: Mooson Kwauk
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7030224422
Published on: 2009-01

When fluidization was first employed industrially, e.g, in the Winkler gasifier, we had only the bubbling fluidized bed as shown in the middle diagram of the figure, in which gas bypasses as bubbles, thus leading to poor solid-gas contact and mcurring large pressure drop.What is ideal is the high dispersion of solids shown as the back ground of the book jacket. Short of such an ideal state, we may resort to suppressing bubbles by the use of shallow fluidized bd as shown on the lefthand side diagram achieved through reducing the solid content of the fluidized bed, or the fast fluidized bed with continuous recycling of solids to the bottom of the bed, as shown on the righthand side diagram.

Chapter 1 The Fluidized State
Chapter 2 Idealization of the Fluidizing Process: Empirical Deductions from L/S Systems
Chapter 3 Generalized Fluidization
Chapter 4 Fluidized Leaching and Washing
Chapter 5 Solids Mixing and Segregation
Chapter 6 Conical Fluidized Beds
Chapter 7 Application of the Moving Bed
Chapter 8 Bubbleless Gas/Solid Contacting
Chapter 9 Systems with Dilute Raining Particles
Chapter 10 Voidage Distribution in Fast Fluidization
Chapter 11 Shallow Fluidized Bed
Chapter 12 Fluidization with No Net Fluid Flow
Chapter 13 A Coherent Analysis for L/S and G/S Systems
Chapter 14 Powder Assessment
Chapter 15 Future Prospects
Subject Index
Chapter 16 Fast Fluidization and its Applications
Chapter 17 Magnetofluidization

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