Illustrations of Tuina Manipulations


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Author: Shen Guoquan and Yan Juntao
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 7532371204
Published on: 2004-01

This is an atlas of Tuina manipulations written in collated Chinese with English. The book is divided into 3 chapters. The manipulation classification, mechanism approach and technical requirements are introduced in the first chapter. In the second chapter, manipulations of 14 categories such as the pressing category, the linear-moving category, the circular-moving category, the linear-moving category, the circular-moving category etc. are described. And all the routine techniques on different body parts such as on the head and facial regions, the neck and nape regions, the shoulder region are also delineated in the last chapter.
With abundant manipulation resources and accurate drawings, this works is not an ecumenic iconography book of Tuina manipulation, Reversal, the authors focalize at the motion conspectus of the manipulations to depict out of the incision points, at which you will be easy to control skills of all manipulations.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Section 1 Classification of the Manipulations
Section 2 Effecting Processes of the Manipulations
Section 3 Technical Requirements of Tuina Manipulations
Chapter 2 Tuina Manipulations
Section 1 Category of Pressing Manipulations
Section 2 Category of Linear-Moving Manipulations
Section 3 Category of Circular-Moving Manipulations
Section 4 Category of Pushing-Rolling Manipulations
Section 5 Category of Pinching-Grasping Manipulations
Section 6 Category of Vibrating Manipulations
Chapter 3 The Routine Techniques of Tuina

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