Imaging, Modeling and Assimilation in Seismology


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Author: Yonggang Li
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787040343410
Published on: 2012-01

Imaging, Modeling and Assimilation in Seismology:An Overview
Chapter 1 Full-Wave Seismic Data Assimilation: A Unified Methodology for Seismic Waveform Inversion
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Generalized Inverse
  1.2.1 Prior Probability Densities
1.2.2 Bayes' Theorem
  1.2.3 Euler-Lagrange Equations
1.3 Data Functionals
  1.3.1 Differential Waveforms
  1.3.2 Cross-correlation Measurements
  1.3.3 Generalized Seismological Data Functionals (GSDF)
1.4 The Adjoint Method
  1.4.1 An Example of Adjoint Travel-Time Tomography
  1.4.2 Review of Some Recent Adjoint Waveform Tomography
1.5 The Scattering-Integral (SI) Method
  1.5.1 Full-Wave Tomography Based on SI
  1.5.2 Earthquake Source Parameter Inversion Based on SI
1.6 Discussion
  1.6.1 Computational Challenges
  1.6.2 Nonlinearity
 1.7 Summary
Chapter 2 One-Return Propagators and the Applications in Modeling and Imaging
Chapter 3 Fault-Zone Trapped Waves: High-Resolution Characterization of the Damage Zone of the Parkfield San Andreas Fault at Depth
Chapter 4 Fault-Zone 1Yapped Waves at a Dip Fault: Documentation of Rock Damage on the Thrusting Longmen-Shan Fault Ruptured in the 2008 M8 Wenchuan Earthquake
Chapter 5 Ground-Motion Simulations with Dynamic Source Characterization and Parallel Computing
Chapter 6 Load-Unload Response Ratio and Its New Progress
Chapter 7 Discrete Element Method and Its Applications in Earthquake and Rock Fracture Modeling

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