Installation Technology in Great Turbine Generator Unit of 700MW


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Author: China Gezhouba Corporation
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787512326125
Published on: 2012-06

The Yangtze River Three Gorges Project is a remarkably big project. After genera- tio of research, survey, planning, designing and cotruction by Chinese people, the 700MW hydro- generator units have been italled in Three Gorges Project, Which is a significant breakthrough. 454 pictures were selected from te of thousands of cotruction pictures and a few hundreds of videos showing the beauty of mechanical and electrical itallation project for the book. The itallation process ofALSTOM 700MW hydro-generator unit with words and pictures. It includes brief introduction on three gorges project, turbine itallation, generator itallation. This is a practical and readable book for students and teache in college and worke in this industry.

Editor's Note
Part One Overview
1 Brief Introduction on Three Gorges Project
2 Major Technical Parameters for Turbine Generator
3 Structure of Turbine and Generator
4 Installation Procedure for Turbine and Generator
5 Safety Precautions
Part Two Turbine Installation
1 Pit Survey
2 Installation of Bottom Ring
3 Trial Installation of Distributor
4 Runner Installation & Stay Ring Machining
5 Distributor Installation
6 Turbine Shaft Installation
7 Air Admission System Installation
8 Turbine Guide Bearing and Seals Installation
9 Installation of Mechanical Parts for Governor
Part Three Generator Installation
1 Stator Frame and Core Assembly
2 Stator Winding Assembly
3 Rotor Assembly
4 Lower Bracket and Thrust Bearing Assembly
5 Stator Installation
6 Lower Shaft and Lower Bracket Installation
7 Rotor Installation
8 Upper Bracket Assembly and Installation
9 Generator Final Installation and Unit Axis Alignment  

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