Intenationai attention-opinion of China 2014

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Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787300188713
2014-07;  Paperback


Chapter OneThe Chinese Dream
ⅠWhat Is the Chinese Dream
ⅡWho Has the Chinese Dream
ⅢWhat Is the Chinese Dream Like
ⅣHow to Realize the Chinese Dream?
ⅤImpact on the World: A Dialogue  with the World

Chapter Two The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and China's Reform

ⅠWhy the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC 
Central Committee Became the Focus of 
The World?s Attention?

ⅡWhat Strategic Planning Concerning  Comprehensively Deepening Reform did the Third Plenary Session of 
the 18th CPC Central Committee Make?

ⅢNew Achievements and Trend of China's Reforms after 
the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central 

Chapter Three  Diaoyu Islands Dispute

ⅠDiaoyu Islands Are China's Inherent Territory
ⅡJapan Illegally Stole Diaoyu Islands from China
ⅢDiaoyu Islands Have Nothing to Do with the Sovereignty  of Ryukyu
ⅣChinese Government's Stance and Efforts
ⅤOutlook of Diaoyu Islands Situation

Chapter Four  South China Sea Issue

ⅡChina's South China Sea Policy and Stance
ⅢProspect of the South China Sea Issue

Chapter Five North Korea's Nuclear Issue

ⅠHistorical Context of North Korea's Nuclear Issue
ⅡProspect of North Korea's Nuclear Issue

Chapter Six Afghanistan's Issue
ⅠOrigin and Current Situation of Afghanistan Issue
ⅡChina Has Consistently Supported the Peaceful  Reconstruction of Afghanistan
ⅢProspect of Situation in Afghanistan

Chapter Seven Snowden Event And Network Security
ⅠSnowden?s Flight Is Full of Twists and Turns
ⅡAn Overview of U.S. Surveillance Program
ⅢSnowden Event Ignites Intense Response
ⅣChinese Government's Legal Response
ⅤThe Future of Network Security

Chapter Eight Syria's Crisis

ⅠOrigin and Development of Syria's Crisis
ⅡRivalry concerning Syria's Crisis
ⅢTrend of Syria's Crisis and Its Impact

Chapter Nine Iran's Nuclear Issue

ⅠIran's Nuclear Issue Results from Complex  Geographical Factors
ⅡEscalation of Iran's Nuclear Issue
ⅢChina Upholds a Fair Stance and Facilitates Peace  Talks
ⅣA Favorable Turn Coexists with Crisis and  the Prospect Is Uncertain

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