Introduction to Aeronautics


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Author: Caijun-Xue
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787118102895
Published on: 2015-07


Chapter 1 Rich History1.1 From Wheels to Stars1.2 Myths and Legends1.3 Early Scientific Research1.4 Flight iBalloons1.5 The Era of the Dirigible1.6 Heavier—Than—Air Aircraft Development1.7 Wright Brothers’Flyer I1.8 The Adolescence of Airplane1.9 The GoldeAge of Aviation1.10 Airplanes ithe World War II1.11 Jet Airplane1.12 Advances iAeronauticsChapter 2 Basic Aerodynamics2.1 The Atmosphere2.2 Atmospheric Regions2.3 Continuity Equation2.4 Bernoulli’S Principle2.5 About Viscous Flow2.6 About Compressibility2.7 Wind TunnelsChapter 3 AirfoilWing and Airplane3.1 Introduction3.2 Airfoil Lift3.3 Wing Lift3.4 Airplane Lift3.5 High Lift Devices3.6 Wing and Airplane Drag3.7 Mach Number EffectsChapter 4 Elements of Airplane Performance4.1 Introduction4.2 Equations of Motion4.3 Drag Curves4.4 Power Curves4.5 Range and Endurance4.6 Gliding Flight4.7 Climbs4.8 Takeoff and Landing4.9 Turning Flight4.10 V—DiagramChapter 5 Airplanes’Stability and Control5.1 Introduction5.2 Coordinate System5.3 Control Surfaces5.4 Stability Definition5.5 Longitudinal Control Analysis5.6 Longitudinal Stability5.7 Directional Stability and Control5.8 Lateral Stability and ControlChapter 6 Aircraft Propulsion6.1 Introduction6.2 Airplane Propellers6.3 PistoEngines6.4 Turbojet Engines6.5 Afterburners6.6 TurbofaEngines6.7 Turboprop Engines6.8 Turboshafl Engines6.9 RamjetsChapter 7 Airplane Structure7.1 Introduction7.2 Mechanics Conception7.3 AAirplane’S Loads7.4 Structural Layout7.5 Component SizingChapter 8 Airplane Instruments8.1 Introduction8.2 Early Airplane Instruments8.3 Instrument Classmcation8.4 Typical Instruments8.5 NavigatioConceptionAppendix Classificatioof AircraftReferences 

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