Island Environment and Coast Development (out of print)

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Author: Wang Ying et al
Language: English
Published on: 1993-01

This is proceedings of International Symposium on Exploitation and Management Island , Coast and Embryment Resources that was held in Haikou city, Hainan Province, China, in November, 1990. It contains 52 papers from 10 countries and was divided into 5 Chapters

1.General Aspects of Island Coasts
(1)Opening Speech on ICER
(2)Opening Remarks by Liu Jianfeng, Governor of Hainan Province
(3)Address by Meng Qingpin, Vice governor of Hainnan Province
(4)Speech on Opening Ceremony
(5)Speech on Opening Ceremony
(6)The Ports, harbours and Marine Navigation of Hainan Province
(7)The Present and future of Hainan Province’s Harbours
(8)Address by Mayor Li Jinyun of Haikou
(9)Address by Liu Mingzhe, vice Myor of Sanya
2.Coastal Dynamic Processes
(1)Basic Studies on Tropical Storm Surges in Yangpu Harbour, Hainan Province, China
(2)Qinglan Estuary, Hainan Island-A Typical System Consisting of Tidal Inlet and Lagoon
(3)Land Reclamation and Sedimentation in Leqing Bay-A Numerical Study
(4)An Preliminary Application of Foraminiferal Analysis to the Study of Sedimentary Processes Sanya Harbour
(5)Hindcasted Typoon Waves and Wave Heights of Various Return Periods in Coastal Areas of South China
(6)An Investigation for a Method for Calculation of Periods of Mixed Waves
(7)Tendency and Regression Model of Deposition and Erosion of the Tidal Flat in Yancheng City
(8)Recent Trends of Relative sea Level Changes Along the Coast of Hainan Island
3.Coastal Marine Geology
(1)Human Impact on Coastal Landform and Sedimentation-The Yellow River Example
(2)Limfjorden Coastal Erosion in a Sheltered Water
(3)Recent Geomorphic Evolution of Gargathy Inlet, Eastern Shore of Virginia, USA
(4)Coast Evolution on the South Coast of Bohai sea During Postglacial Time
(5)Marine Geology and Environments of Sanya Bay, Hainan Island
(6)Chemical Composition of Sediments in Sanya Harbour and Yangpu Harbour, Hainan Province, China
(7)Sedimentation Rates in Sanya and yangpu Harbours Based on 210Pb Dating
(8)Sediments of Sanya Port, Hainan
(9)Foraminifera Distribution Patterns as Markers of Tidal Circulation Modes in Sanya Harbour, China
(10)A Preliminary Study of Foraminifera in the Bottom Sediments of Yangpu Harbour, Hainan Island
(11)Pollen-Spore Analyses: Environmental Signals in Cores from Yangpu Harbour Basin, Hainan Island
(12)Quality Assurance at the Nanjing University 210Pb Laboratory
4.Coastal Protection and Sustainable Development
(1)Exploiting Embayment Resources and Promoting Harbour Development: An Introduction to the Development Plan of Haikou Harbour
(2)On the Study of Utilization and Protection of Sandy Bays: An Example from Huiquan Bay, Qingdao
(3)Developing a Management Strategy for Coastal Wetlands
(4)Development of the Natural Reservations of Mangroves Along China Coast
(5)The Biomass and Dynamics of Energy in Two Kinds of Mangrove Forests in China
(6)Techniques of Afforestation of Mangrove and its Role in Coastline Protection
(7)Environmental Impact of Human Activities in the Southwestern Coast of Sri Lanka
(8)Preliminary Study on the Strategic Distribution of Development of the Fujian Coastal Zone
(9)An Economic Analysis Associated With Coastal Zone Development Based Upon Case Studies
(10)The First Chinese Sheep Farm with Spartina Rastureland
5.Island Resources, Economics and Development
(1)Comprehensive Exploitation and Utilization of the Resources of Sanya City
(2)A Comparative Study on Harbour Siltation and Harbour Development, Hainan Island, China
(3)Impact of sea-Ports Constructions on Dynamics of Connected Natural Shores Within Untidal Seas
(4)On the Exploitation and Development of Estuarine Islands-A Case Study on the Chongming Island
(5)Land Development for Agricultural Use in Newly-Formed Islands of the Lower Meghna Delta Area In Bangladesh
(6)Discussion on the Development of the islands Around Liaoning Province: A Case Study for the Changhai Islands
(7)Creation of Spartina Anglica Plantation in Zhoushan Island, China
(8)Case Studies of Exploitation of Introduced Sparting Grass in Yuhuan as an Island Coastal Resource
(9)Analysis of the Investment Environment of the Langqi Island
(10)Development of the Beach Placer Resources of China
(11)Exploitation of the Biological Resoruces of Saltern
(12)On the Management of Island Economy

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