Isotope Geochemistry Research in China

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Author: Tu Guangzhi
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7030062604
Published on: 1998-01

This is the first monograph which comprehensively summarizes the results concering nearly all of the subdisciplines of isotope gechemistry from basic theoretical research to applied one in the fields of resources, environments and oceans etc. in China. It consists of 27 chapters, written by 41 scientists well-known in their own fields in China.
Chapter 1: Chronological time scale of China;
Chapter 2: Precambrian Chronology;
Chapter 3: Geochronology of Mesozoic and Cenozoic Volcanic rocks from Eastern China;
Chapter 4: Study of isotope stratigraphy in China;
Chapter 5: Quaternary isotopic chronology;
Chapter 6: Isotope geochemical constraints on the tectonic evolution of southeastern China;
Chapter 7: Istope geochemistry of the tectonic evolution in the Xinjiang Uygur Automous region;
Chapter 8: Isotope geochronology and geochemistry of the Qinling-Dabie orogenic belt
Chapter 9: Isotopic Geochemistry of regional tectonic evolution in Tibet;
Chapter 10:Isotope geochemistry of granitolds;
Chapter 11:Isotope Systematics of the evolution of the continental crust and upper mantle;
Chapter 12:Marine isotope geochemistry;
Chapter 13:Isotopic geochemistry of tungsten ore deposits;
Chapter 14:Isotope geochemistry of the ore deposites in China;
Chapter 15:Isotope geochemistry of uranlum deposits;
Chapter 16:Isotope geochemistry of gold deposits;
Chapter 17:Isotope geochemistry of Iron deposits;
Chapter 18:Isotope geochemistry of copper deposits;
Chapter 19:Isotope geochemistry of lead and Zinc ore deposits;
Chapter 20:Isotope geochemistry of Kaolin deposits;
Chapter 21:Comments on Isotope geochemistry as related to mineral deposits in China
Chapter 22:Isotope geochemistry of petroleum;
Chapter 23:Isotope geochemistry of natural gas;
Chapter 24:Isotope geochemistry of coal in China;
Chapter 25:Isotope geochemistry of meteoric waters;
Chapter 26:Isotope geochemistry of salt brines in China;
Chapter 27:Isotope geochemistry of Noble gases

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