Journal of Chinese Pharmaceutical Sciences (Vol.17, No.4,2008)

中国药学(英文版) 第17卷 第4期

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Author: China Association for Science and Technology
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 10031057
Published on: 2008-01

1.Structure modifications based on KRN7000 and their SARs in activating NKT cells
Lei Zhang and Xin-Shan Ye

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2.Facile synthesis of a core trisaccharide of laminin as a potential metastatic antagonist
Xiao-Feng Jin, Xiang-Bao Meng, Kai-Jun Liao, Qing Li and Zhong-Jun Li*
3.One-pot synthesis of 1,3,4-oxadiazole-5-thioethers in water
Xu Yan, Ze-Mei Ge*, Tie-Ming Cheng and Run-Tao Li*
4.A convenient synthesis of 1-alkyl-5-amino-6-phenylethyluracils as potential non-nucleoside HIV-1RT inhibitors
Xiao-Yan Ma1, Zhi-Jian Cheng3, Yan-Li Chen1, A-Min Li1, Zhi-Li Zhang1,
Xiao-Wei Wang1 and Jun-Yi Liu1,2*
5.Optimization of the biphasic release of indomethacin from HPMC/pectin/calcium chloride matrix tablet by response surface methodology
Bao-Jian Wu, Xiu-Li Wei, Yi Lu and Wei Wu
6.Effect of poly(ethylene glycol) modified polyethylenimine polyelectrolyte complex on pharmaceutical characteristics and uptake on breast cancer cell
Li-Ting Liu and Xian-Rong Qi
7.Pharmacokinetics of two modified release system of dipyridamole in beagle dogs
Jin-Ming Li1, Yan-Zhuo Zhang1*, Jun-Gang Ren1, 2 and Yun-Zhi Qu3
8.Metabolites of baicalein 6,7-diacetate in rats
Yun Hu, Xiao-Yu Guo, Lin Yang and Qing-Ming Che*
9.Antioxidant phenanthrenes and lignans from Dendrobium nobile
Xue Zhang1,2, Jie-Kun Xu1, Nai-Li Wang1,2, Hiroshi Kurihara3 and Xin-Sheng Yao1,3*
10.Synthesis and reversal effect of a novel N-substituted phthalimide-sugar on doxorubicin resistant of human breast cancer cells
Wen-Yuan Yi1, Min Li1*, Ya-Ping Yang1, Zhuo-Yuan Lu1, Bo Xu1,
Dong Han2, Zhong-Jun Li1,2** and Jing-Rong Cui1
11.Therapeutic effects of flavonoids from Ceylon green tea on hypoxic human brain epithelial cells
Shan-Hong Huang and Ranil De Silva
12.Risk factors analysis of rosiglitazone in patients with diabetes mellitus
Bao-Chen Xi1,2, Qing-Ming Ding2 and Lu-Wen Shi1*

13.Apparent dose dependent antibody response in chickens immunized with orthopox virus antigens
Xiao-Ying Zhang1,2*, Rüdiger Schade1 and Heinz Ellerbrok2

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