Kinetics and New Technology in Nonferrous Metallurgy


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Author: Liu Chunpeng
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7502427880
Published on: 2002-01


In recent year, the basic structure of flowsheet of metallurgy is changed not very much, especially the production of non-ferrous metals is continued to use traditional method although metallurgical technology has been innovated considerably with the improvement of mechanical equipment and the application of computer. The disadvantages of the traditional method are serious pollution of the air, tedious flowsheet, high energy consumption and high cost. Therefore, the topics of first importance to research in metallurgy are to simplify flowsheet, to prevent pollution, to lower cost and to increase efficiency.

The contents of this book come from treatises on kinetics and new technology in non-ferrous metallurgy published in recent decades. It has six chapters, including four chapters in sulfuration, desulfuration, kinetics of hydrogen reduction and related new technology, and reaction kinetics of interaction of sulfide and oxide, last two chapters in chemical metallurgy with microwave and application of hot plasma in non-ferrous metallurgy.


Chapter 1 Sulfidizing Reaction and Technological Application
Chapter 2 Desulfidation of Sulfide Ores and New Technological Processes
Chapter 3 Reduction Kinetics of Sulfide Ores and New Technological Process
Chapter 4 Interaction Kinetics of Oxide and Sulfide
Chapter 5 Microwave Chemical Metallurgy
Chapter 6 Application of Thermal Plasma to Nonferrous Metallurgy

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