Labor Law and Social Security Law of China


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Author: Jianfei-Li
Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 9787300196800
Published on: 2014-06


Chapter Ⅰ Basic Theory of Labor Law
Section 1 Concept and Significance of Labor Law
Section 2 The Functions and Significance of Labor Law
Section 3 The Evolution of Labor Legislation and the Labor Law System in China
Chapter Ⅱ Legislative Purposes of Labor Law
Section 1 The Significance of the Legislative Purposes of the Labor Law
Section 2 Legislative Purposes in the Chinese Labor Law
Chapter Ⅲ Subject Matter of the Labor Law
Section 1 Labor Relationships as a Subject Matter of the Labor Law
Section 2 Personal Scope of Application of the Labor Law
Chapter Ⅳ Employment Law
Section 1 Introduction
Section 2 Basic Principles of Employment
Section 3 Employment Security for Special Employment Groups
Section 4 Employment Security for College Graduates and Students Returned back to China after Finishing Overseas Study
Section 5 Prohibition of Child Labor
Chapter Ⅴ Labor Contract Law
Section 1 Introduction to Labor Contracts
Section 2 Conclusion, Modification, Termination and Invalidity of Labor Contracts

Section 3 Contents, Formats and Terms of Labor Contracts
Section 4 Dissolution of Labor Contracts
Section 5 Legal Liability for Breach of Labor Contracts
Section 6 Differences between Labor Contracts and Civil Contracts
Chapter Ⅵ Labor Conditions Law
Section 1 Concepts and Legal Principles of Labor Remuneration
Section 2 Minimum Wage System
Section 3 Wage Payment Security
Section 4 The Right to Work and Right to Rest and the Significance
Section 5 Rest and Vacation
Section 6 Extension of Working Hours and Limitations
Chapter Ⅶ Labor Protection Law
Section 1 Overview of Legislation on Work Safety and Health
Section 2 Content of Labor Safety and Health Law
Section 3 Reporting and I.egal Liability of Occupational Diseases
Section 4 I.egislation and Significance of Special Protection for Female Employees
Section 5 Content of Special Protection for Female Employees
Section 6 Special Protection for Juvenile Employees
Chapter Ⅷ Social Security Law
Section 1 Concept of Social Security Law
Section 2 Development and Reform of Chinese Social Security Law
Chapter Ⅸ Social Insurance Law
Section 1 Concept of Social Insurance Law
Section 2 Principles of Social Insurance Law
Chapter Ⅹ Endowment Insurance Law
Section 1 Concept and Functions of the Endowment Insurance
Section 2 Legislation and Reform of Endowment Insurance
Section 3 Raising of Pension Funds
Section 4 Distribution of Pensions
Section 5 Supplementary Endowment Insurance
Chapter Ⅺ Unemployment Insurance Law
Chaoter Ⅻ Medical Insurance
Chapter ⅩⅢ Work-related Injury Insurance
Chapter ⅩⅣ Maternity Insurance Law
Chapter ⅩⅤ Other Legal Systems on Social Security
Chapter ⅩⅥ Law on Labor Dispute Settlement
Chapter ⅩⅦ Legal Liabilities

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