Land-sea Interactions In Chinese Coastal Oceans

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Author: Zhang Jing
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7502745777
Published on: 1998-01

Those who study or work in the domains of marine science will find the book a useful reference material to cover multidisciplinary problems in China Sea. The book is also relevant to outside class reading and seminar discussion for post-graduate students majoring in marine sciences



Sediment deposition along the coast of China

Suspended sediment regime in the Huanghe River estuary and South Bohai Sea Ⅰ. Huanghe River estuary

Suspended sediment regime in the Huanghe River estuary and South Bohai Sea Ⅱ .Observations in the South Bohai Sea

Study on the modern environment of the Yuehu Lagoon of The Rongcheng Bay,Shandong Peninsula

Influences of sea-level rise on lower river reach-A quantitativestudy of backwater effect

Wind impact on the expanstion of the Changjiang River Diluted water in Winter and Summer

Modeling of nutrient dynamics in a macro-tidal bay from South China

Vertical flux of materials in the East China Sea

The input fluxes of Phosphorus in Xiaen Western Sea

Study of the biogeochemical cycles of Carbon in Zhujiang River estuary,Daya Bay and Coral Reef Lagoon of the South China Sea

Organic matter in large Chinese rivers and their estuaries :the Changjiang River and the Huanghe River

Heavy metal levels of macrophytic algae in the Northwest Huanghai Sea - An overview of data from the 1950s~1990s

Abundance of trace metals in some macrobenthic animals from coastal areas of China - Preliminary investigations

Ecological functions of microorganisms in coastal Zone

Fishery resources in the nearshore seas of China

Towards development of intergrated marine management in China

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