Late Triassic Stratigraphy, Paleontology and Paleogeography of the northern part of the Circum-Pacific Belt,China


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Author: Mi Jiarong and Zhang Chuanbo
Language: Chinese
1993; Paperback;185x260mm;219 pages + 66 plates

This book is an achievement of scientific research on the stratigraphy, paleontology and paleogeography in the eastern part of the northern China. The book deals with the continental Upper Triassic strata of nine sectors in this area, that have been discovered over the last decade and more and reported here with an analysis of their characteristics and the proposal of some new ideas. It describes many fossil groups, such as plants ( 188 species of 54 genera ), spore and pollen ( 40 species of 29 genera), bivalves ( 26 species of 5 genera ), conchostracans ( 7 species of 2 genera ), and insects ( 7 species of 6 genera ), and makes a number of new taxonomic proposals.
Based on the systematic study of the fossils, the characteristics and their geologic ages of fossil assemblages are given for different sectors. The authors further discuss the Late Triassic floristic paleogeography, the paleoclimatic zonation, the pattern of tectono-sedimentary paleogeography, the stratigraphic division and the time limit and character of the Indosinian Movement in this area. Many new ideas are offered. There are 66 fossil plates in this book.

Table of Contents

1.Brief History of Research on Late Triassic Continental Strata and Fossils in This Area
3.Composition, Character and Age of the Flora in Eachsector of this Area
4.Late Triassic Floristic Provinces of this Area
5.Characteristics and Age of Sporopollen and FaunalAssemblages
6.Pattern of the Late Triassic Tectono-Sedimentary Paleogeography and Stratigraphic Division of this Area
7.Time Limit and Character of the Indosinian Movement inthis Area
8.Descriptions of Fossils
10.Index of Genera and Species
11.Explanations of Plates


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