(Library of Chinese Classics)Selections from Strange Tales from the Liaozhai Studio (4 Volumes)


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Author: Pu Songling
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787119050775
2007; Hardcover;240*160mm;2019pages

Strange Tales from the Liaozhai Studio was written by Pu Songling (1640-1715) in the Qing Dynasty. Based on folk tales, the work is unique in the history of Chinese fiction. Its 500-odd tales conjure up a weird fanciful world of human beings, ghosts, fox spirits and monsters. The author vividly depicted a group of "Liaozhai Studio" characters, soon to become well known throughout China, with his superb grasp of descriptive and concise writing. The strange tales have strongly satirical flavor, intermingling the supernatural with the real world, and presenting both the beautiful and ugly sides of life. Enriched by the author's powerful imagination, Strange Tales from the Liaozhai Studio is a gem in the corpus of China's classical literary works.

Table of Contents

Candidate for the Post of City God
The Corpse
The Mural
Wang, the Sixth
The Theft of a Peach
Planting Pears
The Taoist Priest of Laoshan
The Monk From Changqing
The Snakeman
Hacking the Boa
Taoist Priest
The Fox-Teacher
Fairy Su and Her Filial Son
The Temporary King of Hell
Man or Woman
Lian Suo
Bai Yuyu
Yaksha Kingdom
Huo Sheng
Gong Mengbi
A Xia
Pian Pian
Black Animal
Yu De
The Raksasas and the Ocean Bazaar
A Female Sage
Butchers and Wolves
The Girl of Fortune
Happy Surprises
Family Reunion
The Inspectorate of Misdeeds
In the Form of Tiger
The City on the Mountain
End of Ttouble
Smile of Death
Bird Language
Mr. Qiao’s Daughter
Clams and Crabs
Mrs. Liu
The Black Stone
The Cloth Merchant
Man in the Sack
Fox-Girl Changting
The Filial Son
A String of Culprits
The Granary Builder
The Girl Protector
Mrs. Liu
The Death ofLi Tansi
Two Widows
The Arrival of the Son
The Beggar

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