(Library of Chinese Classics)SUNZI:THE ART OF WARSUN BIN: THE ART OF WAR


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Author: Sunzi&Sun Bin
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 9787119024127
2007; Hardcover;240*160mm;304pages

Sunzi:The art of war is the earliest and most valuable treatise on military science extant, dating from the late Spring and Autumn Period(770-476B.C.).The book is a condensation of the experience of warfare in that historical era, with the emphasis on precautionary and intelligence stratege. By revealing the nature and important rules of warfare, Sunzi:The art of war has had a tremendous influence on military, political and philosophicai thought in China. Down the ages it has been called a “military classic,” and its author a “military genius.” This work ,now over 2,000 years old, has been translated into various langueages since the 17th century, and even today has a profound influence all over the world.
Sun Bin: The art of war is another ancient Chinese classic dealing military science, written during Warring States Period(475-221B.C.).Sun Bin was a direct descendant of Sunzi.It incrporates the experience of warfare into this later historical period.It inherits and develops the military theories contained in Sunzi:The art of war, and has been lauded throughout the ages. Sun Bin: The art of war was lost about 1,000years, until 1972, when a copy of the work written on strips of bamboo was found in a tomb dating from the Han Dynasty(206B.C.-A.D.220) at Yinqueshan, near Linyi in Shandong Province. The present translation, the first into English of Sun Bin: The art of war, is based on editing work done on the bamboo strips.

Table of Contents

Making Assessments
Waging War
Attacking by Stratagem
Weaknesses and Strengths
Contest to Gain the Initiative
Varying the Tactics
Deploying the Troops
The Terrain
Nine Regions
Attacking by Fire
Using Spies

The Capture of Pang Juan
An Audience with King Wei
King Wei’s Inquiries
Tian Ji’s Inquiries Concerning Ramparts
Selecting Crack Troops
The “Heaven” Factor in War
Setting up Formations
Singificance of Ground
Strategic Advantage
How to Run an army
Making the Right Choice
Troops Reduction (untranslated)
Sustainting Morale
The Officer’s Functions
Five Ways to Train Troops
Strengthening the Army
Ten Formations
Ten Questions on Warfare
Dealing Blows at Enemy’s Crack Troops
Difference Between Guest and HostArmies
He Who Is Adept at Warfare
Five Types ofArmy
Losses in Battle
The Commander’s Righteousness
Virtues in a Commander
Failings in a Commander’s Deafeat
Male and Female Cities
Five Principles and Nine Seazures
Concentration and Dispersion
Qi and Zheng
The Story of Sun Wu
The Story of Sun Bin
About the Editors
About the Translator


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