(Library of Chinese Classics)The Scholars( 3 volumes)


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Author: Wu Jingzi
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
ISBN/ISSN: 754382090
2004; Hardcover;240*160mm;1308 pages

An eighteenth-century satire, the Scholars is outstanding among Chinese classic novels. The author mercilessly exposes the decadence of the literati produced by the feudal examination system, the disastrous effects of that institution, the corruption of the feudal regime, and the darkness of the feudal society. The Scholars described the life and spirit of literati and officialdom in the late period of feudal China. They receive the poison of the civil service examination system, being puzzled by officialdom, wealth and fame. The author took the analysis of the enslaved scholar's ugly soul under the civil service examination as the point of departure, satirized the officialdoms of muddleheaded and incompetent, the despotic landlord of greedy and mean; Made public the ignorance of the celebrity student, lustful desires, the dishonesty and base of landlords and merchants mingle with men of letters and pose as a lover of culture; Sneered at the aspect of worldly affairs following upon success or failure in the civil service examination system. This is a live drawing of literati and officialdom being reckless with the merit and fame, infatuate with the civil service examination. The Scholars has no a leading role that pierce through the around the book. It consists of a numerous short stories, therefore it broadly reflected various levels of social life in feudal China.


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