Loess in China (2nd Edition)

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Author: Liu Tungsheng
Language: English
Published on: 1985-01

The distribution, deposition, composition and texture of loess in China is studied. Based on on-the-spot investigations, Loess in China supplies information on: the loess-paleosol time sequence, loess fabric, and geological events derived from studying biological relics.
Proceeding from the loess environmental system, the climatic fluctuation sequence of different scales has been reconstructed, and the whole process of eolian loess accumulation and its relationship with modern silt dust, water and soil conservation, engineering geology, agricultural soil as well as local diseases are discussed.

Chapter 1.A Brief History of Loess Studies in China
Chapter 2.Regional Distribution of the Aeolian Products (Loess)
Chapter 3.Time Sequence of Loess Deposits
Chapter 4.Fossils in Loess and Its Ecological Environment
Chapter 5.Composition of Loess Chapter 6.Loess and the Environment
Chapter 7.Methods in Loess Research

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